The 2015 War on Christmas continues to rage across America. At the Bangor High School in Bangor, Maine, math teacher Catherine Gordon was ordered by the principal to take down a pink, Hello Kitty Christmas tree. Ms. Gordon responded on her Facebook page that she is sad for the decision. She says that she has been decorating her classroom for 30 years for the holidays. Gordon also adds that her little, pink Christmas tree had no religious symbols on it. Gordon ends with, ″I feel that this is definitely a turning point in our society – when everything offends everybody all the time – it just sucks the joy out of everything.″

While some are protesting the decision, Bangor School Superintendent, Betsy Webb, defended the principal. She spoke to a local TV news station, WLBZ, telling them that the school system is trying to educate their students to be good ″global citizens″. But I ask, is that truly the case? Is this instead just one more example of the overreach by Progressive Liberals in their madness of political correctness? Even perhaps worse, another blow against Christians and the concept of Faith, itself?

Mind you, there is no connection between Hello Kitty and Christianity. Maybe somebody can fabricate a conspiracy or inter-cultural tie-in between the two, but I do not see how? If anything, a pink, Hello Kitty tree is just another example of the commercialization of Christmas. For all we know, the pink tree could be a symbol of Tamuz, or Mithra, both of whom were the result of virgin births on December 25th. Maybe Hello Kitty is a reincarnation of either Tamuz or Mithra, or perhaps both? How would this play with the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man? Ahoy, Sailor! As a jolly tar, would he stand by his guns all day?

Yes, we are now approaching the Nutty Zone! Consider this, we have yet another example of Liberal lunacy on college campuses, courtesy of Dan Joseph of MRCTV. Joseph promotes Conservative causes in our institutions of ′higher education′ by spoofing the absurdities of political correctness. His latest video from the Media Research Center is of him getting college students to sign a petition to get radio stations to ban playing the Bing Crosby hit, ″White Christmas″. Obviously a racist song loaded with micro-aggressions! Joseph succeeded in getting foolish college students to sign the petition! He got 18 signatures in just one hour. The video is hilarious!

So are you fed up with political correctness? Have you had enough of the War on Christmas? Do you feel like Marco Rubio does, that America is no longer the same place where he grew up? Or are you just anti-Christmas and anti-Hello Kitty? Were you offended when Saul Goodman gave Jesse the Hello Kitty disposable cell phone in ″Breaking Bad″? Or do fake, pink trees of any sort just make you sick?