Speaking before another huge crowd of supporters in Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday, Donald J. Trump went on the offensive against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Trump accused Hillary of telling a big lie during Saturday night′s third Democrat debate and demanded an apology. Hillary claims that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, otherwise known as ISIL, ISIS or Daesh, is using Trump in their recruiting videos. Not only are they bot using Trump in their videos, but in one ISIS video, ″No Respite″, the video features Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry, George W. Bush and Hillary′s husband, Bill Clinton. ISIS-ISIL even refers to Bill Clinton as a ″fornicator″. Once again, Hillary is telling lies, blaming a video, just as she did on the 2012 Benghazi terror attack in Libya. Donald Trump also poked fun at Hillary Rodham Clinton on her long bathroom break during the debate and how she ″got schlonged in 2008″ at the polls by the Obama campaign.

Naturally, the Liberal Media is all up in arms over Trump′s remarks. Not only is he reminding the world that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a liar and was a lousy Secretary of State, but that she is a loser, too! Trump, who really is from New York, unlike Hillary, naturally has a lot of Yiddish words in his vocabulary. So for Trump to use the term is no surprise. He could have used the ′F-word′, but he was speaking before a crowd in Michigan. He really didn′t use the word incorrectly, we all know Hillary got screwed by the Obama campaign in 2008. How else do you explain why Obama won 12 out of 13 caucuses, which are easy to manipulate, while they split the primary votes evenly? Even then, we know that Team Obama played with the vote counting, particularly in Indiana. Hillary had no real recourse, since the DNC is a private corporation and she couldn′t sue them and still have a career as a politician.

The Clinton campaign refuses to apologize to Trump for the lie Hillary told. The fact that Hillary is trying to blame Trump for the rise and growth of ISIS just goes to show how unworthy she is to be president. Her plans for fighting global jihad are not really any different than Obama′s. They may even be worse! That is the essential problem with the entire agenda of the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign. By and large, her election would mostly just be a third term for Obama. This in a political atmosphere where most of the country, generally over 60% in most polls, desires change and taking the country in a different direction.

In other political news, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) finally decided to suspend his campaign. Good riddance, too! Why he thought he had a chance at winning the White House is beyond me? I′ve been on three acid trips and seen a rodeo and I would never have considered such a possibility. Did he truly believe that John McCain had any coattails? Now, if just the rest of the bunch would wise up, Donald Trump can focus all of his attention on Hillary Rodham Clinton. With the stakes this high, Trump will not play nice. Hillary is in for a very long year that will end in bitter tears. I hope Huma has stocked up on the tissues for their crying sessions.