Last night on ABC, one of those broadcast TV networks, the third Democratic Party debate was aired. Bernie Sanders responded to the DNC voter database issue, apologizing to Hillary Clinton. Speaking of which, Hillary went missing during the first commercial break about an hour into the debate. She finally strolled back on stage just as the moderators, David Muir and Martha Radditz, were about to ask questions. Martin O′Malley whined about and attacked his competitors, as he is so far down in the polls. For the most part, the Democrat debate was quite dull and boring.

The second debate was so bad that it ended 7 minute early! This one came close, though some might say it ended after the first fifteen minutes. This was when Bernie Sanders addressed the matter of the DNC voter database. According to Bernie, the vendor managing the DNC voter database accidentally sent his staff info about the Hillary Clinton campaign about two months ago. At which time, the Sanders′ staff reported the error while not looking at any of the data. Then it happened again! But this time around, at least one staffer did look at the Hillary Clinton data. This caused quite the hub-bub and resulted in the Democratic National Committee to suspend the access to the database by the Sanders′ campaign.

Bernie fired the staffer and after threatening to sue the DNC, his access was restored. But Sanders is still upset as he sees the DNC playing favorite with Hillary Clinton. One lawsuit is still being considered by Bernie against them. Martin O′Malley is not very happy about all of the attention Hillary and Bernie get. Nationally, he′s at around 3% in the polls, while Hillary dominates at about 60% with Sanders in the mid-to-high 30s. However, in New Hampshire, Bernie is either in the lead or statistically tied with Hilldog. This may explain why last night′s debate was at St. Anselm College in Manchester, although, it is a sort of ′go-to′ place for debate venues every political season.

Anyway, after Sanders gave his version and updated the audience on the database affair, he apologized to Hillary and she accepted. Other than that episode, the rest was just the usual Liberal politics of victimhood and wild spending promises. Each candidate was trying to top the other as to how quickly they can bankrupt the nation. If we aren′t bankrupt already after 7 years of Barack Hussein Obama! Naturally, they talked about ISIS, or ISIL or Daesh, or the Islamic State. Oops, I forgot, they won′t use the word Islam nor Islamic. None of them have any plans beyond those offered by Obama in how to deal with the terrorists.

Of course, they all attacked the Republican Party frontrunner, Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders referred to Trump as a bigot and Hillary Clinton called him one outright. I doubt if she′ll ever get invited to another Trump family event. Bill Clinton may be banned from Trump′s golf courses! Martin O′Malley went one step further and called Trump a fascist. He even waxed for a return of George W. Bush! None of the other GOP candidates were even mentioned. I guess the Democrats have realized what everyone else other than the Establishment Cuckservatives have that Donald Trump will be the GOP 2016 nominee.

Beyond that, the rest was just plain stupid. Like O′Malley planning to fight ISIS by making the USAID a cabinet position. Yeah, that will make the terrorists fear us! Bernie did another climate change rant, since he sees that as the Number One issue facing us. Hillary Clinton hopes that Wall Street will love her, and I′m sure they will! Like they don′t already. All three threatened more gun control as they fear an armed citizenry more so than terrorists. After a while, I was so bored that I wound up channel surfing to catch a bit of Svenghoolie, which is just a horrible program. But even it was slightly better than the Democrat debate.

So did you watch the third Democratic debate last night? Or were you like most people, watching Episode VII of ″Star Wars: The Force Awakens″ or the big football game between the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys? There is no joy in Dallas today after the 19-16 defeat, though CBS Sports is probably pleased. Mind you, the DNC has only scheduled 6 debates, so we are halfway through them. You gotta wonder when Martin O′Malley will give up? Other than that, the big question is can Bernie Sanders recapture the limelight and still challenge Hillary Clinton? Iowa does not look good right now for Bernie, but you never know.