The movie we have all been waiting for is now in the theaters! Episode VII of ″Star Wars: The Force Awakens″ continues the saga of the Jedi Knights and the Skywalker family. I haven′t seen it yet, but I′ve read plenty of spoilers. I don′t care! This is one of those movies you′ll go see even if you know what happens.

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. When it, Episode IV, first came out in 1977, it caused quite the ruckus. The film made two trips through the theater, the first through the summer after its Memorial Day weekend premiere followed by a second go-around over the holiday season. George Lucas originally conceived Star Wars to be a series of three trilogies. Episode′s IV, V and VI would go first, followed by a prequel trilogy of Episodes I through III. Episode′s VII through IX were suppose to take place 1,000 years after Episode VI, with the two robot characters, C3PO and R2D2 being in all three trilogies. But, when the decision to make the final trilogy came around, the plan changed.

I have to say I′m somewhat disappointed by that. By going the route that Lucas and J. J. Abrams apparently felt more confident with, the saga is essentially limited to the tale of the Skywalker family. But then, that′s show busienss! Or should I say just plain business, for the marketing power of Star Wars is the REAL Force! Predictions are that Episode VII will earn some $3 Billion dollars at the box office, making it the largest grossing film ever made. When you add in all of the merchandising, all I can say is ″May the Schwartz be with you!″ Even Mel Brooks is considering a sequel to ″Space Balls″ now!

We now have two generations raised on Star Wars with a third on the way. ′The Force′ has even become a religion that many fans adhere to. The basic concept that between Good and Evil, Evil is a powerful temptation. Good is ultimately stronger as it requires more discipline to control. The ′Dark Side′ is an easier path to follow as there are fewer rules and restrictions.

There are certainly many morals to be explored and learned in the Star Wars saga. Episode VII, The Force Awakens, will add more facets to the overall themes. So it does not really matter whether you read any spoilers. The visual effects and the plot are more than enough to guarantee success.