Christmas 2016 gets no relief from the War on Christmas. Godless Liberals are at it again this holiday season. Even Santa Claus was nearly banned before parents fought back. Now we have a story from Kentucky where the classic Yuletide song, ″Silent Night″ is being replaced with ″Silento – Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae″. At one school, W.R. Castle Elementary, their Christmas pageant production of ″A Charlie Brown Christmas″ was censored as the reading from the Gospel of Luke by the character Linus was discarded. How much longer has Western Civilization left to go? Will our society ever find it′s soul again? Or are we all doomed to do the ′Stanky Leg′ until the last free man is beheaded under Sharia Law?

Stuff like this makes me have to watch a Murdoch-Murdoch video on You-Tube every now and then, just to maintain my sanity. Either Episode 10, 14, or my new favorite, Episode 15. That one features Donald Trump dressed as George Washington, holding the severed head of a terrorist as he leads a flight of F-16s from the back of a giant bald eagle! Oh, well, that is what makes for ′/pol/′ these days. But there is little doubt that our culture is under attack. Continuous attack by the nihilism of the Far Left. But it does seem that during the Christmas season is when we see the impact of the ′Progressive′ movement. Essentially a mental bowel movement from the diseased minds of Liberals.

There has been some ′push-back′ this season. Parents at PS 169 Sunset Park Elementary School in Brooklyn, New York successfully overturned the decision by Principle Eujin Jaela Kim to ban Santa Claus. They even got the school to start reciting the Pledge of Allegiance again. There is cause for optimism! But is our culture too far gone to restore? Can we ever hope to get our national soul back while Barack Hussein Obama compares Syrian refugees to the Mayflower Pilgrims?

Regular readers of mine know that I am optimistic in a round-about sort of way. The probability of a collapse of our civilization remains high. Just take the new Omni-Budget bill which Congress will pass and Obama will sign. The 2,000-page bill keeps all of the usual nonsense in place and guarantees that our National Debt will rise above $21 Trillion dollars by the time Obama is expected to leave the White House. At some point, we will bankrupt ourselves into disaster. The World Bank and IMF are already looking to use substitutes for the US dollar as a reserve currency. Once the collapse begins, there will be much chaos leading to what I often call ′The Great Culling′.

The good news is that more and more people are realizing this is coming. They are preparing themselves for the days ahead. Gun sales have spiked sharply in recent years, and even more soon in the past few weeks. Those who survive ′The Great Culling′ will be the ones whom will restore the soul of Western Civilization to our culture. They will rebuild and create a society which will lead us to beyond Earth and to the stars of our galaxy!

So keep the flame of Liberty burning bright in your own home. Prepare your children well, not by depending on a corrupted education system, but with your own love and devotions. Home school if you have to. Relocate away from the Godless cities if need be. ″Silent Night″ has endured for nearly 200 years. ″Silento – Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae″ will be lucky if it is remembered 2 years from now. Let alone 2 weeks! It is just rubbish from a rubbish mindset. Yet, the same mindset that exists in our Liberal-Progressive schools and government. As Rick Grimes pointed out in ″The Walking Dead″ when he explained why he didn′t kill Carter for plotting against him, Rick knew he didn′t have to. Circumstances and the way of the world would kill Carter for Rick. Carter was doomed and he didn′t know it because he refused to face reality. Liberal-Progressives likewise avoid reality, and their fate is sealed. We won′t have to lift a finger in the long run.