Did any of the Republican presidential candidates win the 5th GOP debate aired last night on CNN? A few did well, some may have even beaten expectations. If you go by action on the Internet during the debate, Donald Trump was the clear winner. He had an overwhelming lead on Google searches as well as Twitter and Facebook mentions. This was before Donald, himself, took to tweeting. Jeb Bush awoke from his slumber and tried to make himself relevant, but was it too little, too late? Marco Rubio tried to position himself as the Jeb alternative, but he got hammered pretty hard by Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and even some shots from Chris Christie and John Kasich. On the ′Under-Card′ debate, Mike Huckabee had the best line about defeating ISIS in 10 days. So who won the darn prime-time debate?

I′ll have to give a ′win′ to both Trump and Cruz. Trump may have stumbled a bit here and there, but he scored on two main points. When the audience, whom were clearly hostile towards him, tried to shout him down over the meta-data issue, Trump shut them up pointing out that the terrorists are trying to kill us! Actually, his plan for using the Internet against ISIS by way of infiltrating the ′Dark Net′ is a pretty good one. It is not unlike methods used by law enforcement to go after child molesters by impersonating children and flushing out the bad guys. Trump also had probably the best closing statement, emphasizing party unity. He had proclaimed earlier in the evening that he would not run as a third party candidate and stand by whomever the GOP nominee will be. Hopefully, this will end the Media fixation on the matter.

Ted Cruz was combative and took on Marco Rubio, who is his biggest threat. With the Iowa caucus just a tad over 6 weeks away, many candidates, including Cruz, are hoping to begin a surge in the polls. And he is doing just that! As Ben Carson′s numbers fall, Cruz is picking up Carson′s supporters. Rubio, on the other hand, does not seem as concerned about doing well in any of the early voting states. He has hardly visited Iowa or New Hampshire the past few weeks. Where Rubio intends to make a stand is a big question right now. He′s not doing well even in his home state, Florida. From the looks of it, Rubio is trying to make Nevada is ′home′ state.

Cruz avoided a fight with Trump. Some are suggesting that they have a new peace treaty. I have to say if they do, that is a good thing. A Trump-Cruz ticket might be one that will satisfy ′The Base′ of the GOP. This could be 1952 all over again! Another ticket I′ll run up the flag pole is Donald Trump and Rand Paul. Yeah, talk about crazy, but on many subjects, these two are birds of a feather. A Trump-Ron Paul ticket would be even wilder! Either ′Paul′ would be a good counter-balance to Trump. Plus, it would open the doorway to a lot of younger voters who, like many of us, want to see a sharp change in direction for the country after 27 years of Status Quo.

As far as the biggest loser last night, once again it was a split decision. Lindsay Graham and Hugh Hewlett just plain suck! Lindsay (Yes, I know he spells his name Lindsey, get the joke yet?) looked like he was drunk or is succumbing to dementia from ′The French Disease′. His low-point was when he nearly got on his knees crying how much he′d like to have George W. Bush back! Graham also seems to be more concerned about hurting the feelings of the King of Jordan more so than protecting the lives of American citizens. Hugh Hewlett was the other sub-monitor along with Dana Bash. Hewlett is the George Pataki of Talk Radio. Speaking of which, Pataki is the Hugh Hewlett of politics, who, despite being the former governor of New York state during he 9/11 attacks, could not remember that there were 19 hijackers, not 18!

So that is my take take on the 5th GOP debate aired last night on CNN. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz will have little to worry about as nothing happened to change the minds of voters. Chris Christie may be in the most trouble now that Rand Paul has labeled him the ″World War 3 candidate″. That may not fly well for Bluto in New Hampshire. Seriously, other than Trump, Cruz and Paul, the rest of the bunch seem determined to get us into a shooting war with the Russians. Do we really need that right now on top of everything else we have to deal with? How about let′s finish and win one war before going around looking for another one?