December 7th, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump again made headlines with a brash politically-incorrect proposal to suspend all Muslim refugees and immigrants from entering the United States. The suspension proposed is temporary until all Muslims recently entering the U.S. can be properly identified, vetted, and intentions determined.

The Leftist media and Progressive “establishment” Republicans are boiling over with outrage over Trump’s proposal. They claim America does not discriminate against immigrants based on religion; that there is no religious test for admission into the U.S. Ironically, the Left’s immigration policy has been discriminating disproportionately against accepting Syrian Christian refugees since day one. So, you know there’s a catch—as always with the Leftists and Progressive Republicans.

When did the Left become so passionate about religious liberty? When did Leftists begin embracing freedom of faith? When did Leftists suddenly come running to the defense of dolts clinging to their guns, Bibles, and Korans? Never. Not now. Not ever. Don’t believe a word of it.

It ain’t religious liberty the Left cherishes; it’s moral relativism. The Left loves moral relativism—a high-minded philosophy whereby one sees themselves detached floating above the unwashed masses on clouds of intellectual purity free from worldly judgement, measure, and accountability. Exulted to intellectual divinity.

The Left is outraged anyone would dare judge, measure, or hold accountable the actions of members of a non-Jewish/Christian faith. After all, the Left’s creed of moral relativism states everything is relative; who are we to judge what is right and wrong, good or evil? The Left suffers willful intellectual dishonesty. (For a purpose ultimately. But that’s another article.)

Andrew C. McCarthy at National Review examines a unique and compelling argument in defense of Trump’s proposal to suspend Muslims immigrants based on their religion. (See “Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban Should Touch Off a Badly Needed Discussion”)

McCarthy examines the assumption Islam is a religion like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism are religions. (I find most Leftist arguments fall apart when their assumptions are challenged. Start by examining their assumptions and go from there.) Fundamental Muslim religion practices Sharia law; Sharia law is not religious practice, but is a societal code or governing institution—an aspect that non-Muslim religions do not practice.

I want to take McCarthy’s argument a step further.

The purpose of religion is to guide individuals to the salvation of their souls. All religions have two aspects: an individual’s personal relationship with God, and an individual’s relationship with other individuals, i.e. one another, one’s community or society. Me and God; Me and You.


Rule ONE: One’s individual relationship with God is governed by the individual’s love and obedience to God’s will.

Rule TWO: One’s relationship with other individuals is based on mutual respect and tolerance of Rule ONE.


Hence my religious liberty can be exercised to the point I am NOT infringing on your religious liberties. This mutual respect and tolerance is practiced in all world religions, though not within all sects of all religions. It is not practiced in the Muslim sect of Fundamentalism.

Most Muslims today live the faith as reformed Muslims; not as the faith was practiced in 600 A.D. The original or fundamental way of practicing the faith required very strict adherence to rules that governed one’s personal relationship with God (Allah) as well as with society. Religion not only informed government, religion WAS the government. The societal rules that governed early Muslim society are called Sharia law.

Today’s reformed Muslims (sometimes called moderate Muslims) do not practice Sharia law. Reformed Muslims continue the peaceful practice of improving their individual relationship with God, Allah, but leave out the antiquated, socially oppressive, strict, intolerance of Sharia law. Sort of like Jews no longer stone adulterers—they are reformed.

Across the world today a significant portion of Muslims still practice their religion as Fundamentalists, i.e. adherence to Sharia law. This is the sect of the Muslim religion known today as radical Islam, Fundamentalist Muslims, or Islamic Fundamentalism. Many Middle East countries never stopped living by Sharia law, e.g. Iran, Saudi Arabia. Which is fine. But it doesn’t belong in America.

Islam is a religion, but Sharia law is not a religion. Sharia is a social order antithetical America’s Founding principles. To the practitioners of Sharia law, Sharia law supersedes natural law, rule of law, constitutional law, and tolerance of other religions. If you are a reformed Muslim you fit right in with America and our concept of religion. If you are a Fundamentalist Muslim, you don’t belong here in America. Fundamentalist Muslims cannot coexist in a constitutional republic that protects religious freedom, respect, and tolerance.

Despite what Leftists would have you believe, there is no moral equivalence between Christians and Fundamentalist Muslims. Jews and Christians today are by and large peaceful, tolerant and forgiving. Fundamentalist Muslims are intolerant, uncivilized, and immoral. We wouldn’t accept into our country Mayan immigrants who sacrificially cut the beating hearts from chests of slaves like they used to in 600 A.D. would we? Maybe the Leftists would, after all, it’s all morally the same to them, as long as it’s not Judeo/Christian.

Bar all Fundamentalist Muslim immigrants and refugees from entering the United States. Outlaw the practice of Sharia in every state, county, town, and neighborhood in America.

Reformed Muslims welcomed.


(Michelle Malkin wrote a terrific piece for this week supporting Trump’s proposal. Her article includes hard-to-find quotes from our Founders about immigration and assimilation. See “Immigration and Our Founding Fathers’ Values.”)



Kenton Long is a father, writer, proud patriot, and investment professional living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and Anthropology, ASU. He is creator and owner of Constitutional conservative blog