He came, he saw, he slaughtered 150,000! Archeologists report that they have discovered the Julius Caesar Dutch battle site near the city of Kessel. Carbon dating of weapons show that they have found where the Roman emperor had conquered the Netherlands in 55 BC. Caesar annihilated two Germanic tribes, according to historians. While this battle has been well known in history, considering Caesar, himself, wrote about it in the Commentarii de Bello Gallico, scientists have not known the exact location. That is until about 30 years ago, when a variety of swords, knives and spearheads began being dug up. Historians have long argued that Caesar exaggerated the outcome of the battle, but many now are buying his claims. The physical evidence seems to indicate that Julius Caesar probably did kill between 150,000 to 200,000 ′barbarians′ at the Dutch battle site.

As billed, this is an ′Open Thread′ article, which means you may comment on any subject you wish. I chose to raise the matter of the Julius Caesar Dutch battle ground being discovered. Not only is the topic trending, but I need a break from ISIS and Trump. They have been dominating the news the past few weeks and I suspect they will continue to do so. Another topic which gets far too much attention is Obama and his obsession with climate change. The latest news from Paris is that the UN conference is reaching an agreement to limit carbon emissions such that the global average temperature only increases 1.5 degrees over some dopey, arbitrary period of time. What lunacy! There is no real evidence that any temperature changes are caused by ′man-made climate change′. We have plenty of geological evidence that climate change is just a routine fact of Nature. But, that won′t help sell carbon credits and make Al Gore, George Soros and many others trillions of dollars. Fiat currency needs fiat science to keep the fiat wealthy happy.

But this story about the discovery of the Julius Caesar Dutch battle site near Kessel in the Netherlands shows what real science is all about. Not only have we verified the location of one of history′s most important battles, but science has proven that Caesar wasn′t exaggerating for once. He probably really did slaughter some 150,000 to 200,000 barbarians from two German tribes. There were legends that the river running through the ancient battle ground was turned blood red. It probably did turn red! Even Obama can′t fudge the numbers on this one! Maybe Hillary Clinton will visit the site and commune with Great Caesar′s Ghost like she does with Eleanor Roosevelt?