Loring Wirbel resigned from her volunteer position as a board member of the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado after she made a Facebook post, urging that people should kill supporters of Donald Trump. The now-former ACLU member had posted a threat, ″If you are voting for him [Trump] will have to shoot you before Election Day.″ The ACLU of Colorado issued an official statement distancing itself from Ms. Wirbel, whom they refer to as a ″regional volunteer″. The Facebook post by Wirbel was captured by The Daily Caller. Very few in the Media covered the story. I first learned of this while listening to Dr. Michael Savage, host of the hit radio program, ″The Savage Nation″. Once again, Savage beats Bill O′Reilly!

So what it there to say about Loring Wirbel? That she′s a nut-job? A kook? Another unhappy, Godless Liberal? Or is it another sign that ′modern Liberalism′ is a mental disorder? Not to be confused with ′Jeffersonian Liberalism′, the same sort of that as John Locke. Seems to me that there has been a marked increase in Liberal lunacy of late. Barack Obama is certainly getting more desperate about having any relevance. Even Pierce Morgan, England′s answer to the enema, has noted that as bad as Trump′s temporary Muslim ban idea is, Obama′s handling of terrorism is far worse. Morgan even says that the Democrats and Republican who are criticizing Donald Trump are just hurting themselves, as the public views Trump as at least wanting to do something. Whereas Obama and the rest don′t know what to do?

You may notice that I am not attacking the ACLU. After all, they should not be held responsible for something Loring Wirbel posted on her own Facebook page. Whoever convinced her to resign should be applauded. As much as many criticize the ACLU, once in a while they do serve a useful purpose, which is more than you can say about some organizations. I have no doubt that if Donald Trump were elected and ever tried to carry out his temporary ban on Muslim visas, the ACLU would oppose him on behalf of a client.