Yesterday, I had to take a break from watching cable news. It was just getting too much! The latest Media frenzy is, once again, about how the GOP ′Establishment′ wants to ice the Donald Trump campaign. How they are desperate to find a way to stop Trump from becoming the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. The Iowa Caucus is just weeks away and many polls show Trump leading. Some by a wide margin! In nearly every early primary state poll, from New Hampshire on, Trump is leading. In nearly every national poll, The Donald is ahead, in some polls with double the numbers of the second-place candidate. So why is the GOP stirring up the pot about a possible convention floor fight to stop Trump? Is this just a purely Liberal Media fabrication since Trump is now beating Hillary Clinton in the polls? Or is there real panic inside The Beltway?

This latest hub-bub started when Donald Trump made his comments about banning Muslims temporarily until our method of dealing with Islamic extremism is improved. So the usual chorus of losing candidates chimed in. The only ones who didn′t criticize Trump were Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and, oddly enough based on past skirmishes, Rand Paul. The rest of the GOP pack, plus all of the Democrats, attacked Trump. But now we have a new wave of polls following the San Bernardino terrorist attack, some even including data from after Trump′s proposal. Guess what? Not only is Trump′s lead increasing, but the American people seem to be supporting Trump′s idea for a ban by 60% or more!

Not only are Barack Obama and the fatigued Hillary Clinton out of sync with the nation′s citizens, more and more people, including moderates and independents, are losing all faith in our current political system. Does the GOP really think that playing some game at the convention to block Donald Trump as their nominee would fly? Trump may as well run as a third party candidate then, because the Republican base will go with him! People are fed up with both parties as it stands now. If this hysteria about Trump continues well into the primary season, where he will probably win all but a handful of contests, if not every single one, how could any Republican Party official consider blocking Trump as the nominee?

Perception is reality and the dummies inside The Beltway perceive the landscape completely wrong! I′ve been hearing pundits say the last few days that if Trump ran as an independent, he would probably only get 19% of the vote at best. The ′Ross Perot′ ceiling, thereby insuring Hillary Clinton as the next president. Given how the state of the world is, and the likelihood of more attacks by ISIS-ISIL-Daesh inspired terrorists, I disagree. Trump would probably still beat both Hillary and whomever the GOP stooge candidate would be. If its the low-energy Jeb Bush, I doubt if he would get more 3-5% of the popular vote! By the time we get to the debates next autumn, the sickly Hillary Clinton will probably be using a walker to get around, if not a wheelchair. Trump will emerge as the Man of Action, plus the Self-Made Man, not beholding to Wall Street nor other special interests.

I largely blame the Liberal Media for the hysteria. When reporters seek out opinions from party stooges, like the GOP chairman of Ohio – who naturally is in John Kasich′s corner, what result can you expect? Is he going to echo the polling data that shows Trump is beating Kasich in his own home state? Nope! Donald Trump signed his pledge and has agreed to stand by it. If he bolts and runs as an independent, it will only be because the RNC will rob him of his frontrunner status. Its not Trump′s fault that the rest of the candidates are showing themselves to be essentially feckless.

With the next GOP debate coming up next week, how much do you want to bet that CNN will try to make most of it about whether Trump should get out of the race before the first caucus or primary? I′ll even give odds, say 10-to-1. I hope that Trump and the more settled candidates, like Cruz, refuse to take the bait from Wolf Blitzer and keep the focus on real issues like national security. The latest polling data since San Bernardino shows that terrorism has risen to the Number One issue on the minds of the American citizens. Gun sales have skyrocketed since the Paris attacks. Its pretty obvious that individuals are coming to grips with the reality that no government can protect them 24/7. We have to be able to defend ourselves. Trump is the only candidate pushing for a national, right-to-carry law. That was the subject of his second ′white paper′, campaign proposal.

My advice to everyone is to keep your head cool and your powder dry. To Donald Trump, I say just keep doing what you′re doing and don′t let the Media distract you. They are in the tank for Hillary Clinton and we all know that she is worthless. Trump is the only GOP candidate who will take Hillary on and beat her up regardless of the imagery. The fate of the nation is simply too high to allow another wimp like Romney or McCain to carry our sword. To the RNC insiders I say, you are dead wrong and risk total destruction if you challenge Trump at the convention after he wins most, if not all of the primaries. You guys have let Obama ruin the country so your opinion has little weight or value at this point. So shut up and let the chips fall where they may.