We are now some 48 hours into the latest round of attacks on Donald Trump. Everyone is getting in on the act. Even the British! The Jeb Bush PAC, Right To Rise, aired a new commercial calling Trump ″impulsive and reckless″. They must think that is worse than dull and boring. My favorite part of the TV ad was when they claim Bush has the support of 27, count′em 27, generals and admirals. That is how many you might find on one floor, of one ring, of one side of the Pentagon. There are about 500 generals and admirals on active duty and many more retired. I guess the ad would not have the same punch if it said Bush is supported by 5% of our top military officers. The number would be consistent with Bush′s overall support with the American people.

All of the GOP candidates, except for Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum, attacked Donald Trump for his latest idea on banning all foreign Muslims from entry into the United States temporarily. The Democrats all lined up as well. Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, said Trump′s remarks prove that Trump and Republicans are all racists. Funny coming from Reid, who once said Barack Obama looks like someone who should be carrying his luggage. Talk about a racist comment!

Some say that Trump′s ban is unconstitutional and would violate several treaties, including those of the United Nations and NATO alliance. Obviously there is little real argument about the US Constitution since the ban, which Trump says would be temporary, does not include US citizens nor any Muslim immigrants already here. Even the Article 6 objection is slim at best. As far as international treaties, by declaring the action is necessary, and temporary, for national security reasons, I doubt if we have to worry about that.

Critics seem to be forgetting that we have banned all immigrants before. True, even during the period between 1924 through 1965, when the ban was the law, we still did take in some. But those were case-by-case exceptions. We took in Einstein, after all! Who wouldn′t? Critics also seem to be forgetting that Jimmy Carter did ban allow Iranians from entering the country during the hostage crisis and more recently, Barack Obama banned Iraqis for six months due to some ′refugees′ with terror connections slipping through our screening process.

As for religious objections, let us consider the current Obama administration policy towards the Syrian refugees. Of some 2098 Syrians allowed in, only 53 were Christians. Even the United Nations has conceded that Christians are the target of genocide by the Islamic State. Not only that, but throughout the Middle East and much of Africa, Christians are being slaughtered. Yet, the Obama administration is not giving Christians any priority status. Religious persecution is a primary reason for most refugees seeking visas, normally about 70%. However, the Obama State Department began a policy during Hillary Clinton′s term as Secretary of State to not grant refugee status to Christians claiming that the laws giving them priority do not apply since they are not being persecuted by a national government.

No, Donald Trump is right. We should shut down the flow of potential terrorists temporarily until such time as we develop a better way to determine who is a threat and who is not. Since it is obvious that ISIS, which our own intelligence and law enforcement agencies say is using the refugee crisis to infiltrate Europe and America, will change tactics, having their people claim to be Christians, we may as well shut the borders down completely. Ban everyone from at least those countries that are highly radicalized with a large terror footprint. Even that would not help since the terrorists will just try to enter from another country. No, we need to review our whole process and come up with a better method of vetting. Just shut it all down.

It is not like we need more immigrants right now anyway. There are some 94-plus million, job-aged Americans who are unemployed. So we do not have a labor shortage. We could easily get through the next decade before we need an infusion of more immigrants. The potential for mayhem is too high and we are already broke. We simply cannot afford the current immigration quotas, neither financially or security-wise.