Donald Trump is under attack once again by the Media and Establishment GOP types for his plan for a temporary ban on Muslims traveling to America. Trump stirred the pot of controversy after watching the lack-luster Barack Obama address on the San Bernardino shootings. The reaction from Trump to Obama′s speech about fighting ISIL-ISIS-Daesh was ″Is That All There Is?″ No apologies to Peggy Lee! Donald Trump then released a longer statement calling for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States until our political representatives can figure out what is going on? Trump referred to two polls, one by the Pew Research Center and a more recent poll conducted by the Center for Security Policy. The Pew poll was from earlier this year showing that globally, a large portion of Muslims worldwide support acts of terrorism in the name of Holy Jihad. Pew surveyed 11 nations with significant Muslim populations and only three of them, one being Israel, showed support for the Islamic State to be between 0.1% to 3%. The other eight nations had numbers ranging from 4% to 11%. The other poll from the CSP was also done earlier this year and showed that amongst Muslim-Americans, 25% believe that acts of terrorism against the United States are justified by Jihad. Some 51% want the choice to be governed under Shariah Law, though only 2% want to discard the US Constitution. Even that number is high, given there are about 3 million Muslims in America, 2% of which means some 60,000 oppose our system of government.

During a campaign event in South Carolina last night, Donald Trump spoke to thousands of cheering supporters who agree with his ban-plan. The plan calls for an outright, temporary ban on any foreign Muslim being permitted to enter the United States until such time that we can determine the full scale of the problem and come up with a plan to counter it. Given that there are some 1.3 Billion Muslims in the world, if even a small fraction of them, say 0.1%, support ISIS and jihad, then we have a potential army of 1.3 Million terrorists out there, ready to strike. The reality is that the number may be much larger and given the success that ISIS has had so far in recruiting and radicalizing fighters, there is no doubt that this is the Number One threat for peace and security worldwide.

The Barack Obama administration has not only dropped the ball on the war against terrorism, they seem to be enabling them! Even before the Syrian refugee crisis, Obama has given extra preference in granting refugee visas to Muslims from some of the most radicalized regions of the world, such as Somalia. According to one report, of those Americans who went to Syria to join the Islamic State, 26% of them came from Minnesota, where there is a large Somali population. Since 2013, the FBI has arrested some 20 suspects with ties to ISIS and affiliated groups, such as Al Shabaab, the terror group considered to have been behind the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya and allied with ISIS.

Trump wants to stop anymore potential terrorists from entering the United States until we have figured out a sound method to vet them. Trump also wants to bar any Americans who went to join ISIS from returning. One would think that this is a rational plan considering the stakes. The Islamic State has made no secret that their objective is to kill some 10 Million Americans by way of terrorism and one day hopes to fly the ISIS flag over the White House.

But, of course, the nattering-nabobs in the Media and in both political parties think what Trump is calling for is ″un-American″. Some even claim its unconstitutional, even though most of those whom would be banned are neither US citizens nor even on our soil. I′m sure that there must be at least one federal law on the books already that says if you leave the country to go fight for our enemy, you are a traitor and subject to penalty of death or imprisonment. But the dummies are lining up to attack Donald Trump. Even the low-energy Jeb Bush has stirred from his slumber to say a few words against Trump. Hillary Clinton, too, rose her her sick bed and somehow found the stamina to disagree with Donald.

Oh well, bless their hearts! Donald Trump is leading the nation in nearly every single poll, and by ever widening margins, too! Naturally, there is a fresh chorus predicting Trump′s doom due to his latest statement. But the American people know better and several polls specifically show support high for Trump and his world view. During his speech last night, Donald Trump was cheered by thousands of supporters who know he is absolutely correct in his approach. Our nation has under threat from nincompoops like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Lindsay Graham. These so-called ′leaders′ stupidity have worn out the patience of the voters. Donald Trump is like a breath of fresh, spring air, wafting through a sunlight window. His common sense approach to first identify the problem and then deal with it is refreshing.

Seriously, how many of our current national leaders understand that to those radicalized, they see their fight with the West as a war which will last until July 4, 2076? That is the date when they believe the ultimate showdown between ′The Expected One′ and the ′Dajjal″ will occur. This is an ideological fight unlike any we have faced before. This goes way beyond Capitalism versus Communism. I have been saying since the 9/11 attacks that we need to find the ′Billy Graham′ of Islam who can calm things down and preach a message of peace, love and harmony. Some well respected, scholarly Imam who will take up the mantle and argue publicly everyday against jihad. Its either that or we are condemned to fight a war for the next 61 years that will eventually make WW2 look like a pie eating contest.

No, folks, Donald Trump is on the right track with his call for an immediate, temporary ban on any foreign Muslims to enter the United States. Our politicians, and the government they manage, must have a clear idea as to what this situation is all about and how to deal with it. Frankly, I don′t think they have a clue right now! They are still thinking in terms of second and third generation styles of warfare when we are now in the 4th Generation. One angry jihadi with enough code writing skills could take down our entire digital infrastructure. One dummy with gas can, or a gun, or even just a knife, can kill and or injure dozens of peaceful citizens. If the polls done by the Pew Research Center and the Center for Security Policy are even just a fraction correct in their surveys, we′ve got a big problem on our hands. Its time to find out just how big the problem really is before we let one more potential killer on our soil.