Sunday, December 6th, President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office. A rare practice for this president. The purpose? Damage control, i.e. legacy control. Obama’s dishonest and tepid reaction to the radical Islamic terrorist massacre in San Bernardino this week has left even his die-hard Leftist supports in the media criticizing their anointed leader.


President Obama spoke for 13 minutes. He admitted the San Bernardino massacre was a “terrorist act” perpetrated by individuals “inspired by ISIS.” But AGAIN Obama could not bring himself to utter the phrase radical Islamic terrorism. In fact he insisted ISIS is simply a “band of thugs.” Not really Muslims at all. Evidently the husband/wife team who carried out the massacre this week were merely thugs inspired by other thugs who themselves are misinformed about the Muslim religion. That’s odd, because I recall several news reports saying the husband had memorized the Koran; is not the Koran the primary religious text for Muslims?


What was Obama’s big announcement expected to put America’s anxiety at ease? What big initiative had he come up with this week? What strategy had he conjured with all the cogs and levers of the most powerful nation on earth at this finger tips? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No new strategy. No new offensive. No new we-have-had-enough-of-this-terrorist-crap attitude. Evidently we’re going to continue the same cyber stuff, carry on with a handful of special ops guys, and continue sending Air Force bombers loaded with bombs that return to base with said bombs.


Tonight’s audience was regaled with yet another patronizing lecture from the professor of political correctness: be tolerant of peaceful Muslims. As if Americans are running around lynching peaceful Muslims.  We aren’t exactly rounding up peaceful patriotic American Muslim families, dragging them from their homes, and forcing them into concentration camps like Obama’s Leftist hero President Franklin Roosevelt did to Japanese-Americans.


After the Patronizer-in-Chief finished his civics lesson on human dignity, he came to the part of his address where he actually looked animated: gun control. The only new news of the evening was his new gun control idea. Obama is proposing people on TSA’s “no-fly” list should be banned from buying a gun. He assumes Americans are stupid enough to let Obama limit one’s 2nd Amendment rights to the arbitrary whim of a small inept department of politically influenced bureaucrats buried deep in the bowels of the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t think so.


(Did anyone else notice Obama left out Israel from his list of allies helping America fight terrorism?)


Kenton Long is a father, writer, proud patriot, and investment professional living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and Anthropology, ASU.  He is creator and owner of Constitutional conservative blog  Prodigal Sons of Liberty.