Barack Hussein Obama will address the American people tonight at 8pm Eastern from the Oval Office of the White House. According to his senior propagandist, Josh Earnest, Obama will speak about the recent San Bernardino shootings, which the FBI now classifies as an act of terrorism. While there is yet to be any hard evidence that the California jihad couple were members of any known terrorist cell or group, there is evidence that they did have contact with at least two overseas terror groups. ISIS issued a statement praising the attackers but admitted that the couple were merely supporters of the Islamic State, not active members acting under orders. According to Earnest, Obama will talk tonight mostly about the steps his administration has taken in combating terrorism and, of course, Obama will make another pitch for more gun control laws. But should Barack Obama use tonight instead to apologize to the American people for taking such a lack-luster approach in the War on Terror? Should he announce his resignation tonight for his numerous lies and weakness which have left the United States more vulnerable to terrorism than even before the 9/11 attacks in 2001?

Even many Democrats are growing in their angst over Obama simply being unable to associate radical, Islamic extremism to many terrorist attacks which have occurred since he took office. Very early on, the Obama administration has been reluctant to even use the phrase ″radical Muslims″, ″Islamic terrorism″, etc.. We saw it with the Fort Hood shootings as the Obama White House declared it an act of ″workplace violence″. During the 2012 campaign, Obama continued to pitch the lie that there had been no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, even though there had been multiple incidents.

Obama, along with Hillary Clinton and other administration officials, have only made matters worse following the so-called, ′Arab Spring′. They sided with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a group with terrorist and extremist roots going as far back as the 1920s. The Brotherhood was even in league with Nazi Germany, raising a division of soldiers for them! Yet, this group was supported by Obama and Clinton over a secular government. The Muslim Brotherhood was granted extensive access to Obama, visited him often at the White House while Egypt was plunged into murder and terror that we still see today. Just last night, a radical Islamic group of terrorists bombed a Cairo night club, killing 16 people.

Obama wants to enact more gun control laws but as we saw last night in Cairo and London, terrorists are not limited by the type of weapons they use. The Cairo night club bombing was done using Molotov cocktails, just simple gasoline in a glass container. In London, England, a man attacked three people in the subway with just a knife, declaring to all, ″This is for Syria!″. Did France or Belgium have weaker gun laws than we do, enabling terrorists to launch the Paris attack? Nope! If anything, the gun laws in Europe are far more restrictive.

If Obama wants more background checks, maybe its high time somebody does a background check on him! Perhaps they should start with his old buddy, the Syrian-born Antoin ′Tony′ Rezko, a known associate of Iraqi-born billionaire, Nadhmi Auchi. I′ve gone through this one before, praising the Liberal-Democrat journalist, Evelyn Pringle for her series of articles back in early 2008, ″Curtain Time For Barack Obama″. She detailed the massive spider-web of nefarious characters from Obama′s Chicago days and how Obama was the back-up man for a presidential run that was being planned by former Illinois governor, now convict, Rod Blagojevich in 2008. As ′Blago′ became the prime suspect in the federal corruption investigation known as ″Operation Board Games″, Obama benefited and was selected by the crime group, known as the ″Illinois Combine″, to replace Blago as their presidential candidate.

The more that happens, the more puzzle pieces fall into place, creating a grim picture, indeed. Much of the old ″Board Game″ focus was on securing government contracts for the rebuilding of Iraq following our invasion in 2004. One corrupt Iraqi official, arrested for stealing some $500 Million dollars, somehow escaped prison just days after a family visit had been arranged by then Senator Barack Obama. Auchi had been known as Saddam Hussein′s money launderer, and had been convicted in France for his role in the largest political corruption-bribery case in Europe since WW2, the Elf Oil scandal. If you read Pringle′s series of articles on this, the impression you get is that Auchi may be the money man who funded Obama′s Harvard law degree and his rise through Illinois politics via Tony Rezko. Rezko represented Auchi in many business ventures, including the multi-billion-dollar Riverside Park Project.

Many of us suspect that the Obama administration′s reluctance to support the only true ′revolt′ in the Middle East, the Green-Uprising in Iran, was due to Obama′s closest advisor, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Later, Obama and his minions, including Hillary Clinton, supported uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria, despite those ′revolts′ being led by radical Muslim extremists. Indeed, the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton did all they could to deflect any terrorist connections to the Benghazi attack on our consulate. They tried to blame it instead on just a spontaneous riot caused by some stupid You-Tube video that had hardly been seen by anyone. There remain many questions about how Libyan weapons are turning up in the hands of ISIS fighters in Syria and elsewhere? Is that the real reason Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other American citizens were killed in Benghazi? To cover up some gunrunning by the Obama administration?

Obama′s entire approach against the Islamic State has been one, massive failure. ISIS went from being a collection of a dozen or so misfits left over after the Iraqi War was won by George W. Bush to become the largest and richest terror group on the planet. Obama lost the peace in Iraq by being so pigheaded about pulling out all troops and not following through on the Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqis that the Bush′43 administration had worked on. In less than a year, ISIS grew in size and ferocity.

Barack Obama will probably not apologize, nor announce his resignation, tonight during his address to the nation. Even though he owes us at least an apology for making America more vulnerable to terrorism. The Obama plan to bring thousands of Syrian refugees is just part of a wider plan that has allowed thousands of refugees from some of the most radicalized regions of the world. The suspects in the San Bernardino shootings are believed to have had contact with at least two known terror groups, as well as with individuals involved in terror here in America. In particular with a group operating out on Minnesota where a large Somali population resides, supply ISIS with 26% of all fighters from the U.S. who travel to Syria to join the Caliphate. Oddly enough, San Bernardino was one location the Obama administration was planning to place Syrian refugees. Obama owes us an apology for his many mistakes. He really should just resign, but obviously his ego will prevent that. Thanks to Obama, we are now more vulnerable than ever as ISIS plots to fulfill their threat of killing 10 Million Americans. Even if they have to do it one beheading at a time.