President Barack Obama, our 44th President, is unlike any president we have ever had. After 7 years in office, most Americans are scratching their heads in confusion, disgust, anger, and fear about this man. The Leftists however, understand Obama perfectly. But most Americans—conservatives, Republicans, Reagan Democrats, and even liberals—just cannot figure out why Obama does what he does. Is it because Obama is naïve? Inexperienced? Is it because he’s too brilliant and benevolent to be an effective politician? Or, is he simply a moron? Could it be because he is secretly a Muslim?

Instead of addressing Obama’s more acute offenses, let’s back up a bit and consider the more obvious offenses that confuse and anger most Americans.

First, it behooves Americans that Obama will not say the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” Despite all the facts, all the evidence, Obama simply will not call terrorist attacks carried out by radical Islamic terrorists by name. The Fort Hood shooter, the Boston Marathon bombers, the attacks in Paris, and this week’s ISIS terrorist attack in San Bernardino; all carried out by radical Islamist terrorists. Yet President Obama refuses to publically name the enemy. He won’t say “radical Islamic terrorists.” Does he not think we are smart enough to distinguish reformed Islamists from Fundamental Islamists? No, that’s not it.

Next. Regardless of all the obvious risks to national security and public safely, why is Obama in a hurry to settle hundreds of thousands of Middle East refugees from Syria, Pakistan, and northern Africa in the U.S. without proper background checks? In most cases, the refugees have no government data backgrounds to check. We also know that ISIS is obtaining phony passports and infiltrating the refugee population in order to gain entry into the U.S. and western nations. Does Obama believe radical Islamic terrorists upon arrival into the U.S.—with all our prosperity, abundance, opportunities, and freedom—will reject their fundamentalism for peaceful reformed Islam? No, that’s not it.

Obama says climate change is a more immediate threat than terrorism. Is that because Obama truly believes we are on the precipice of causing irreparable environmental man-made damage unless we act now?  No, that’s not it.

Regarding the U.S./Mexican border, frustration and confusion run high. Millions of illegal immigrants have crossed unimpeded into our country taking American jobs at a time of high unemployment. Obama won’t enforce immigration law. He won’t even deport illegal immigrants back to Mexico who commit heinous crimes in the U.S.  Obama goes as far as secretly relocating tens of thousands of illegal aliens to states unknown. Then he offers better medical and social benefits to the illegals than he does our wounded veterans. Already, ISIS fighters and other would-be terrorists have been caught sneaking across our southern border.  Is Obama just a nice guy who is unable to cut the red tape of a humungous out-of-control government bureaucracy? No, that’s not it.

President Obama is shutting down coal, oil, and natural gas production across the U.S., but supports oil production in third-world countries. If Obama is concerned about environmental impacts of oil production in the U.S., why is he not concerned about the pristine undeveloped environment in other countries?

Obama proclaimed himself a uniter, not a divider. He promised, “There is no red-state America or blue-state America, but only a United States of America.” Yet Obama turned out to be one of the most politically divisive Presidents in U.S. history. ObamaCare passed Congress without a single Republican vote. He regularly mocks Americans who “cling to their guns and Bibles.” Under his watch, the IRS targeted conservative non-profit organizations.

Obama has repeatedly injected himself into local law enforcement matters, stoking racial tensions before the facts where presented. Did he not earn a law degree at Harvard? Suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but when it comes to law enforcement officers, Obama presumes officers are guilty before proven innocent.

Obama is releasing tens of thousands of convicted felons from prison. Does he think they are all innocent?  No, that’s not it.

Obama continually apologizes for America on the world stage. Is there not one good thing about America that he can proclaim?

Why did Obama work diligently with health insurance companies to make ObamaCare possible, but now Obama is allowing ObamaCare to bankrupt those very same companies?

Obama says he embraces and supports the principles of democracy. Yet he treats Israel, a long-time ally and the only democracy in the Middle East, with contempt?

After 7 years, Americans are confounded by Obama—as a man, a Christian, an American citizen, and as President.  In seven years’ time, Obama has caused enormous damage to our country politically, economically, socially, and psychologically. But, he has not been able to—as he promised—fundamentally transform America. That’s the rub. This impetuous self-absorbed man feels the rub. America has rejected his Marxist policies. Who rejects utopia?!

THAT is why Obama will not call radical Islamic terrorism what it is, because radical Islamic terrorism is not the world’s enemy. To Obama, American ideals are the world’s enemy; America, the last bastion of capitalism, limited government, and this archaic Judeo/Christian idea about unalienable individual rights.

Of course Obama knows the attackers in San Bernardino were radical Islamic terrorists, but he can’t say that in public. Not because Obama is a Muslim; we know he is not a Muslim. (I dare say he ain’t much of a Christian either.) But he won’t say “radical Islamic terrorism” in public because, to his Marxist way of thinking, radical Islam is a protest to America’s capitalism, limited government, and unalienable rights.

Do you see how much Marxists hate America?  Marxists don’t give a damn about Islam. They think Islamists are a bunch of unsophisticated superstitious backwater buffoons, like Christians.

What Obama is doing is punishing America.

I don’t believe for one minute Obama loves America. Like the Marxists who raised him, mentored him, and supported him, Obama is intent on destroying capitalism, limited government, and unalienable individual rights. I suspect Obama is spending his last 2 years in office punishing America for its so-called crimes against humanity.

Obama is caught between his dreams of a Marxist America and his vanity of a laudable legacy.

I suspect Obama is allowing the global spread of ISIS, is intentionally allowing radical Islamic terrorists to freely enter America, encouraging millions of immigrants to flood our border, purposely stoking racial tensions, and destroying our energy industry in order to accomplish what he could not in 8 years—the destruction of America as it was founded. Destroying America is Obama’s Marxist gift to the world.

Most Americans have no idea the kind of man we’re dealing with here.


(Hat tip Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor, Conservative Review.)

Kenton Long is a writer, father, and investment professional living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and Anthropology, ASU.  He is creator of Constitutional conservative blog