The latest CNN/ORC nationwide poll shows Donald J. Trump leading the 2016 GOP presidential race with 36%. 20 points more than second place, Ted Cruz. Ben Carson and Marco Rubio follow with 14% and 12%, respectively. The great ′Milquetoast Hope′, Jeb Bush, is down to just 3%! Lucky for Jeb that CNN′s own poll is not going to be used for determining the stage for the next Republican presidential debate the network will hold on December 15. CNN is basing debate spots on polls from Iowa and New Hampshire, only allowing those candidates with 4% or more to appear. Trump′s tough talk on terrorism since the Paris attacks is viewed as the driving force for his latest surge in the polls.

The Politico has even more shocking news for GOP insiders. Seems that Vigo County, Indiana is Trump Country! The county is viewed as a ′bell ringer′ for American politics as it has correctly picked the winner in every election since 1880 with only two exceptions. Vigo County voted for Williams Jennings Bryan in 1908 when William Howard Taft won and voters slipped up again in 1952 going for Adlai Stevenson versus Dwight Eisenhower. This has got to make many in the RNC and DNC worry.

The CNN/ORC poll shows that Trump blows away the competition on the topics of the economy and national security. Americans are clearly seeking a strong man of action to lead the nation after nearly 7 years of the wimpy Barack Hussein Obama. The only time Obama gets riled up is when he actually has to do some sort of work. He, Hillary Clinton and those like them, see Republicans or climate change as a greater threat than terrorism, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc., etc., etc.. But reality paints a much different picture, one that the average American can clearly see.

The Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primaries are now just weeks away. The latest surge in the polls by Donald Trump has to be bad news for many GOP party hacks. How will ′The Great American′, Mr. ″Robotic-Robot″ Sean Hannity be able to justify having Rubio, Huckabee or Graham on his show anymore? Think about poor Karl Rove! What will this do to him? I don′t even want to contemplate the woes of Megyn Kelly when Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination. She may have to change more than just her hairdo.