Here is the latest updated news on the San Bernardino shootings. The shooters, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Milak, appear to have ties to Islamic terrorism. A growing body of evidence shows that Farook had contact with a number of suspected terrorists. Records show phone calls, emails and other forms of social media connections to several people whom have been on FBI watch lists. Officials in Saudi Arabia confirm that Farook did spend 9 days there in the summer of 2014 when he married his wife, Mailk, at the great mosque in Mecca. Malik appears to have been originally from Pakistan and some believe that she may have radicalized her husband. A new report from the New York Times claims that Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS on their Facebook page.

The argument that the massacre on Wednesday was just a case of ′workplace violence′ is fading fast. Investigators found that the couple′s residence in Redlands, California was practically a bomb making factory! A dozen pipe bombs were found as well as materials to make many more. Also found were some 4,500 rounds of ammunition, leading many to suspect that the couple had something bigger planned. Police and FBI agents also found that the jihad pair had destroyed their computer hard drives the day before. So some alleged dispute setting events in motion at the holiday party is easily dismissed. Farook and Malik had obviously been planning some sort of attack for weeks, if not months. They certainly knew the night before that Wednesday would be a very bloody day.

Even Barack Hussein Obama is reluctantly conceding that the San Bernardino shootings may have been a terrorist act. Although, as usual, he would not utter the phrase ″radical Islam″ nor ″jihad″, Obama backed off of his comments from Wednesday on the lack of ″common sense gun laws″. The only lack of common sense is not allowing Americans to defend themselves as our Founding Fathers intended by way of the Second Amendment. Had just a few party-goers been armed, the jihadi couple may have been stopped well before they completed their attack.

Obama and his pack of liars in the White House have been saying for years that there has not been any acts of Islamic terrorism within our borders since September 11, 2001. But the truth is there have been many. The Fort Hood shootings, attacks on several military recruiting centers, even the recent ′mass knife attack′ in Merced, California. The Liberal Media and Democrat politicians are trying to make this event an issue on gun ownership. Obama and others are pitching the idea that there is nearly a ′mass shooting′ every day in America. That we lead the world in such violence. However, if you take out gang-related violence and Islamic terror attacks, the numbers drop dramatically. Norway leads the world with more than double the number of dead per capita as America.

Even Detroit′s chief of police, James Craig, declares that an armed citizenry is the best defense! He says that citizens carrying guns deters terrorism. Craig says that Detroit is safe from terror attacks as there are so many guns in the hands of Detroiters. I agree! We are armed to the teeth here! I know! Every darn holiday my neighbors are blasting away, shooting their guns in the air. It sounds like a war zone! A couple of months ago, some guy was gunned down right on my front lawn by a passing car. Them drug dealers don′t mess around. The idea of Al Qaeda or ISIS coming to Detroit reminds me of the scene from ″Casablanca″. The one where Bogart tells the German Colonel, ″There are some parts of New York where you might not want to invade.″

Of course, the Detroit area is home to the nation′s largest Muslim population. The cities of Dearborn and Hamtramck are run by Muslims now. As they say, you shouldn′t crap in your backyard. So while we may be safe from attacks, we could also be the source for trouble elsewhere. If I were running the NSA, I would definitely be tapping every phone call from Detroit to the Middle East.

But there you have it. The latest news on the San Bernardino shootings. The shooters were most likely radical Islamic terrorists. Syed Rizwan Farook did have contact with a number of suspected terrorists on FBI watch lists. Farook′s wife, Tashfeen Milak, from Pakistan using an Obama-approved fiancee visa, may have radicalized her husband. According to a new report from the NY Times, she had even pledged allegiance to the ISIS Facebook page. Farook and Milak′s home was a bomb-making factory, with a pile of ammunition. For as much damage as they caused on Wednesday, the results might have been far worse.