Police and other law enforcement officials are attempting to determine if yesterday′s San Bernardino mass shooting was Islamic terrorism or workplace violence? According to police, 14 people are dead and 17 others were wounded at the Inland Regional Center. The facility was the largest in California for providing support for handicapped and disabled adults and children. The Center comprised is a three-building complex employing over 600 people. The shooting took place in the smallest building, a two-story conference center. The attack centered on the lower floor at a conference room which was rented that day to the San Bernardino County Health Department for an employee holiday banquet. Gunman Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, was an employee, working as an environmental specialist who inspected restaurants. He and his wife, Tashfeen Milak, 27, reportedly entered the room, each armed with AR-15s and handguns and unloaded a rain of carnage.

Reports are that Farook had appeared earlier at the banquet but left after some sort of angry dispute. He returned about 30 minutes later with his wife, both dressed in ′tactical′ clothing and opened fire on those attending the banquet. After each fired two magazine clips, the couple exited the building and drove off in a dark-colored SUV. They also left behind a bag containing an explosive device connected to a radio control system from a model car.

Swarms of police and other emergency personnel arrived within minutes. For the next several hours, focus was centered on getting victims to the hospital and to secure the facility safely. Meanwhile, in the nearby community of Redlands, police and the FBI responded to a tip. As they arrived at a residence, the dark SUV showed up and police went into a pursuit. A rolling gun battle took place along for about a mile, ending almost a mile and a half away from the original crime scene. Both of the murderers were killed by police. A third man seen near the SUV was detained and questioned but is probably not a suspect. Another detail, including a bomb squad with a robot, checked out the SUV and later the residence in Redlands.

What we know currently is that earlier in the day, the recently wed couple dropped off their 6-month old daughter with Farook′s grandmother. They apparently told her that they had a doctor′s appointment. It is not clear whether Farook went home after leaving the banquet to get his wife and dress in their tactical gear, or if he merely went outside to the parking lot where his wife may have been waiting in the SUV. A review of available video from security cameras will eventually tell the story.

We also do not yet know what the motive was for the mass shooting in San Bernandino? From what we do know, whatever it is, it was premeditated. But whether the attack was related to Islamic terrorism or workplace violence is unanswered. Syed Rizwan Farook was born in America and was considered a peaceful, ′moderate′ Muslim by many accounts. However, some say that his personality had begun to change recently. Some six months ago, he did visit Saudi Arabia, presumably to fulfill his Hajj pilgrimage. Whether he had become radicalized or not is uncertain. The couple recently moved to Redlands three months ago and neighbors say that there was much activity with people coming and going day and night. Many packages were also delivered there.

Weapon-wise, the couple were each armed with legally purchased semi-automatic handguns from over a year ago. They also each carried an AR-15 rifle which had been purchased by another person about two years ago. As police and federal agents investigate leads, we will eventually know what was the motivation behind this attack. Naturally, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the usual gaggle of Liberal bozos immediate had to politicize the tragedy, calling for more gun laws. But, of course, they are all wet as no law could have prevented this. Neither shooter had a felony charge prior to their gun purchases and were not on any watch lists.