Barack Obama is not getting very much love from his own Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, nor from the Pentagon brass about our war against ISIS. For the past few days, Obama has been going full tilt on how man-made climate change is the most immediate and biggest threat to our national security. Even global security! Much more so than the Islamic State, or ISIL or Daesh or whatever the White House brain trust is calling it now. But during testimony before Congress yesterday, Secretary Carter and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joseph Dunford, said otherwise. They see ISIS as the greatest and most immediate threat to our security. They also contradict Obama′s claim that we have contained ISIS or even degraded them a bit. Generally speaking, our top generals say ISIS has expanded and the Obama strategy has been a failure.

Despite some 15-16 months of ′airstrikes′, about half of which never dropped any bombs nor fired any missiles, the Islamic State has grown and prospered. Even the Iraqis, whom Carter says we have briefed on new plans to send 200 ′boots-on-the-ground′ to fight ISIS, are starting to think that the Obama administration is in an alliance with the Islamic State! If the truth be told, so, too, do many of our other allies. Some may even think that the whole reason for the elaborate cover-up of the Benghazi terrorist attack by the White House and Hillary Clinton is to conceal efforts to arm ISIS fighters with Libyan weapons against the Assad regime in Syria. How odd is the timing between the rise of ISIS and post-Benghazi? More than just a coincidence?

While there may be no proof of such secret plots, even our brain-dead Media cannot hide the reality that ISIS has grown during our alleged bombing campaign. Oh, but they do try to prove that the latest global warming hysteria about giant boulders falling from the sky by super-storms caused by climate change is real. And some people call ME crazy! I suppose those boulders were lifted up into the super-storms by way of a wrist shot with a climate change hockey stick? The same folks who claim that any warming deniers are anti-scientific also deny that human life begins at conception. I have yet to see any ′science′ on how human life starts without conception. You even need conception of some sort in a test tube or petri dish.

Oh well, what can you say? Barack Obama and those of his mental ilk are all liars and or deranged idiots. Or both! Ashton Carter and Joseph Dunford, our two top leaders at the Pentagon, both agree that Obama is wrong about the condition of the Islamic State. ISIS, or ISIL or Daesh, is doing just fine and growing. Our Department of Defense also disagrees with the White House and the Obama administration about the urgency of man-made climate change or global warming. ISIS is the bigger threat, not carbon dioxide emissions. The whole climate change ting is just one big scam designed to give governments more power, another excuse to tax us and a way for the elites to print more money and make trillions selling carbon credits. Its an even better scam than mortgage-backed securities and crazy derivatives. God save the Foundation!