On Monday, as per federal court order, another batch of Hillary Clinton emails were released by the State Department. The grand total now for those emails containing classified material is 999! Herman Cain must be pleased! Hillary Clinton certainly isn′t. The email scandal hangs over her head like the Sword of Damocles. Especially with the head of the FBI remarking that his decision to continue the investigation on Hillary will not be effected by politics. Even if just one email had classified material that had gone through Hillary Clinton′s private email server, she′s looking at some 5 or 6 felony charges based on the Espionage Act. She may be in even deeper trouble as some of the latest emails show that she spent much of 2012 using her position as Secretary of State to meet with future campaign donors and union leaders. Many of whom made substantial donations to the Clinton Foundation charity as well.

Hillary Clinton is among the slimiest of politicians ever to venture into Washington, DC. The level of corruption in the White House reached new highs during the Bill Clinton administration. From renting out overnight stays to having coffee and a donut, there was a price for having contact with Bill and Hillary. Back then, it was for raising campaign money and cash for Bill′s library. Hillary took the model along with her as a US Senator and then later as Secretary of State.

In March of this year, Hillary Clinton made many claims about her use of a private email server. Everyone of which has been proven to be incorrect. Most glaring was the claim that no classified material was ever received by her private email accounts nor was such sent from her server. After this Monday, we now know that the number of such emails was not ZERO as Hillary claimed, but currently stands at 999 and counting! There are still thousands of emails yet to be released. It is quite possible that there may even be more as FBI experts attempt to recover data thought to have been erased by Team Clinton.

Hillary enjoys a wide lead in the 2016 Democrat presidential primary. Clinton is basically running unopposed. The DNC has set the table for a coronation, not an election. The only credible challenger, Jim Webb, dropped out weeks ago and is contemplating a run as an independent. If he does, the impact will be minimal, but could upset the applecart just enough in a few key states. But the real problem Hillary Clinton faces is with the FBI. While the Justice Department is firmly in control of the Obama administration, a handful of FBI agents could still cause enough damage, especially if they start leaking news to the GOP-controlled Congress, that might derail Clinton′s train. Word has already been leaked that the FBI has expanded its investigation. Democrats may think this story is going nowhere, but their overconfidence may bite them in the rear.