For about the past week, the Liberal Media has been attacking Donald Trump over his claims about seeing news reports that American Muslims were celebrating after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That a large group of Muslims were across the river in New Jersey dancing and cheering as the World Trade Center′s twin towers came crashing down. A slew of ′fact-checkers′ say there was no news report, but there was an article in the Washington Post that included one paragraph on the matter, stating that some people were arrested for the demonstration. Frankly, I do not personally recall that as much as actual video of a large celebration of Palestinians in their West Bank settlement. However, I do recall a PBS documentary that told the story about the New Jersey celebration. The problem is that it happened during the first attack on the Twin Towers!

I think the documentary was called ″The Man Who Knew About 9/11″, and believe it was a PBS ″Frontline″ episode. The doc was about the FBI agent, I think his name was John O′Neil, who was probably the first American investigator to become aware of Al Qaeda and of Osama bin Laden. If my memory serves me correctly, the documentary mentioned how those who plotted the first bombing attack on the World Trade Center went across the river to a park in New Jersey and watched whiffs of smoke come from the Twin Towers. They cheered, though were disappointed that the plan had failed to bring one tower crashing down onto the other.

So, while it is not my place to defend, nor explain, any mental confusion which Donald Trump may have, I would have to say that it is possible that he may be correct to a degree, but inaccurate on some details. This is typical of Trump, who is, by and large, a ′strategic′ thinker. He has the ′Big Vision′ thing going on and leaves details and minutia to his subordinates to contend with. So it is very likely that in the wake of 9/11, Trump may be transposing several disconnected incidents into each other. There was apparently a small demonstration, probably at the very same park due to its clear view of the WTC, where some Muslims did gather to cheer the collapse of the towers. Trump may also have seen the West Bank demonstration, along with the PBS documentary shortly after and it became embedded in his stream of consciousness. The result being that the three events, separated by nearly a decade, are now being recalled 14 years later as a single event.

As Hillary Clinton would say, ″What difference could it possibly make now?″ Trump is still essentially correct. Nearly every poll taken shows a substantial number of Muslims, both worldwide and even here in America, support terrorism and the 9/11 attacks. Keep in mind that there are some one billion Muslims on the planet, so even if you are talking about just 0.001 percent, that is still some 10,000 people. Most polls show the percentage is much higher, around 7% worldwide. That results in some 70 Million people. When you add up the numbers, probably close to one million Muslims are actively involved in jihad, with another 10-20 million acting in a supportive role. Even just in the United States, there are probably several thousand who are ready to commit acts of terror in the name of Islam. According to the FBI, they can only really watch 60-70 potential terrorists at a time.

The Media is looking to do anything to stop Donald Trump. He leads in every poll, both nationwide and in individual states. Trump is now also beating Hillary Clinton in the polls, too! A fact which is really driving the Liberal Media crazy! Just about every month since Trump entered the presidential race, there is at least one comment or topic which we are told by the Media which will spell the end of the Trump campaign. So far, each and every time the Media gets stumped by Trump. Or should I say by the American people who are becoming more supportive of The Donald.

Why shouldn′t they? The People have had enough of being lied to by Obama, politicians and the Media. They are tired of being politically correct, guarding what they say and how they say it. Donald Trump has become a heroic figure because he doesn′t care if he has sharp elbows. Trump says what he wants to and it doesn′t matter whom he offends or even if what he says is true. Even a Trump misspeak is more truthful than anything coming out of the mouth of Barack Hussein Obama! The average American knows that what Trump is saying is true deep down in their guts. That the Trump vision of the world matches their own much more so than that of Obama′s or any journ-o-list from ABCCBSNBCMSNBCCNBCNYTIMESWASHPO. After Megyn Kelly, they aren′t even trusting Fox News that much anymore!

I′d like to say quit while you′re ahead to the Media, but you guys have already lost. You can thank the habitual liars like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for that, along with the usual stooge list of Brian Williams and the rest. Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America, and there isn′t a damn thing anyone can do at this point to stop him! You only have yourselves to blame, too! As Colin Powell once said, ″You broke it, you own it.″ Liberalism has broken America and now Donald Trump has been called upon by the People to repair our damaged nation.