Republicans in the U.S. Senate are warning the 150 world leaders attending the United Nations COP21 climate change conference in Paris, France this week not to trust Barack Obama. Namely because Obama is pledging some $3 Billion dollars to a ′green climate fund′ that he doesn′t have. The GOP senators are joined in this by one Democrat, Joe Mansion from West Virginia, who agrees with Republicans that Obama must obey the US Constitution and permit the Senate to approve any international agreements. Otherwise, any money Obama pledges to other nations will not be allocated.

Obama leaves for Europe today to attend the climate change conference. The ′green climate fund′ is a top priority for Obama, who is looking to have some sort of legacy other than one of destruction and fraud. Yet, this green fund is a fraud as well. Basically another form of global welfare to hand out cash to other nations who feel slighted by America′s exceptionalism and prosperity. Obama′s green fund is essentially the world fining the United States for the ′crime′ being successful.

The truth, of course, is that there is no such thing as man-made climate change nor man-made global warming. Another truth is that even if there were, the United States has led the way in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Even though the Senate did not approve of the Kyoto Treaty back in the 1990s, America has not only exceeded the terms of the treaty, but well ahead of schedule. When private enterprise is allowed to function in a free market, then advances in technology and innovations are unleashed.

Now, many on the ′Progressive-Liberal′ side on the political coin like to claim that Conservatives are anti-science due to their opposition the lie of man-made climate change. It is a lie and has no valid support by science. Human beings have little impact on the Earth′s climate. Sure, we have an impact on a local scale, but we humans occupy very little land mass, less than 3% and less than 1% of the Earth′s surface overall. Even then, America has led the way as far as reducing pollution. Socialist and other nations which practice tyranny are far worse when it comes to pollution. Just look at how bad the air quality is in China.

Oddly enough, the same Progressives and Liberals who think Conservatives are anti-science reject one of the most scientifically proven facts of life, that life itself begins at conception! We cannot have that now, can we? It might upset the apple cart of the whole Humanism movement. While Obama and others scheme to find a way to criminalize those who oppose the lie of man-made climate change, they continue to deny the truth that all life begins at conception. Progressives and Liberals are the real anti-science crowd, not Conservatives!

So are you ready to cough up another $3 Billion dollars to allow Barack Obama to share the wealth with 3rd-World tyrants? Obama is planning to do just that this week in Paris, France at the United Nations COP21 meeting. Meanwhile, US Senators, mostly Republicans and one Democrat, are warning the other 150 world leaders gathering in Paris not to trust Obama, as any promises he may make will not be approved of by the Senate. That pesky US Constitution is once again a stumbling block for Obama and his insanity. One would think that few world leaders would trust Obama on any issue. The guy is a huge liar by nature. Obama does nothing but lie and conceal the truth at every turn. Just look at how the Obama administration through juggling the books kept the National Debt frozen for some 9 months at around $18.2 Trillion dollars, and then, once the latest budget bill was passed, the debt ballooned some $580 Billion extra in just a month! Like Obama is thinking he actually is fooling us with his fancy bookkeeping? No, not at all, dear friends!