During a joint press address at the White House with French President Francois Hollande, Barack Hussein Obama threatened the Islamic State with a climate change conference. That should make the terrorists quiver in their boots! Goodness Gracious! Just how insane is Obama? Does he really believe that ISIS, or ISIL or Daesh or whatever O-Bozo is calling them now, cares about global warming? I realize that inside Obama′s pee-sized brain, he thinks everyone should believe in man-made climate change and consider it the greatest immediate threat to our existence. But seriously, do you think that carbon footprints are on the top of the list of matters that motivate Islamic jihad? Sorry to burst your bubble, Obama, but they couldn′t care less. If ISIS isn′t looking for more oil to sell on the Black Market to Turkey, they′re looking for more 8-year old Christian girls to sell as sex slaves.

Lucky for us, we have strange allies. Not only are the French and Russians now doing more damage to the Islamic State in the past week than we have done in the last 15 months, but even Al Qaeda has gotten in a few licks, too! They just blew up a bunch of ISIS commanders with a suicide bomb in southern Syria near the Golan Heights. I guess Al Qaeda isn′t working from doctored intelligence reports directed from the Obama administration, nor foolish rules of engagement. Even the Gambino crime family wants to contribute to the cause by taking out any ISIS threats against New York City. Who needs Homeland Security when La Cosa Nostra is around and ready to act? I′ll bet they′ll even keep an eye and ear open at some of those 80 or so mosques in the United States where many Muslims are being radicalized.

Obama has been coming under growing criticism, even from other Democrats, for his namby-pamby approach to dealing with Islamic extremists. He refuses to even use the phrase. Hence his references to ISIL, which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which covers Syria and some additional territory, or the word Daesh. Daesh comes straight from the ISIS black flags often seen carried into battle. It stands for al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al_Iraq wa al_Sham. But a rose by any name is still a rose. And a group of Islamic terrorists are still Islamic terrorists. These guys are not causing trouble on behalf of climate change, the abuse of animals, nor for racial diversity. They kill and enslave people for Allah.

The goal of ISIS is to kill or enslave all infidels and bring about a global caliphate. Like most Islamic extremist groups, they share an apocalyptic view of deliberating bringing about the final battle between the forces of Allah against the infidels. Or, as those in the Illuminati would say, they are immanentizing the eschaton. The object of which is to marshal the army of The Mahdi, The Expected One, to go against the Great Satan, America, the West and Christianity, led by the Dajjal, the False Messiah. Only by way of Holy Jihad can the world be cleansed once and for all.

A far cry from discussing carbon emissions at the upcoming talks in Paris. Even if you are foolish enough to buy into Obama and the Far Left′s lies about climate change, one would hope that you would be smart enough to realize that ISIS is more of an immediate threat. Indeed, that may be why many in Paris and across Europe are now waking up to the reality of Islamic terrorism. But Barack Obama is not that smart. He actually thinks that by attending a climate change conference, we′ll be teaching ISIL a lesson. Maybe even doing some damage to Daesh! Too bad that the Islamic State, along with much of the rest of the world, just looks at Obama′s threat as a joke. Even coming to the conclusion that Obama, himself, is a joke! Not very funny, is it, if you are on the wrong side of bomb vest or an AK-47? Happy Thanksgiving if you aren′t!