I really do not know why this story should surprise anyone. Barack Hussein Obama has lied about practically everything since occupying the White House. But, the news of the day is that the Pentagon and intelligence analysts had ′cooked the books′ on the threat posed to the world by the Islamic State, or ISIS, or ISIL, to fall in line with the rhetoric from the Obama administration. Much of the Media is saying that this is reminiscent of how the George W. Bush administration cooked intel reports on Iraq prior to our invasion of it. But really, this is business as usual for the White House. Obama has lied to the American people on the economy, cooking the employment statistics. He lied about his healthcare scheme, known as Obamacare. He lied about the Gulf oil spill. Obama has lied about illegal immigration. He′s lied about police abuse and shooting citizens. He lied about the Benghazi attack. Obama lies about America′s history and on what our values truly are. So what is so special about this latest revelation of lies?

Not much, aside from the fact that, once again, Obama is putting America, and the rest of the world, in peril. His egghead-mind simply cannot accept the reality that he is always wrong. Just take, for example, his latest criticisms about Congressional Republicans opposing him on the subject of Syrian refugees. Obama claims that suspending admission of Muslim refugees from Syria goes against our values and principles. But, in 2011, with the endorsement of Hillary Clinton′s State Department, the Obama administration suspended taking in refugees from Iraq for some six months while the existing vetting process was vetted itself. This happened after several Iraqi refugees arrived here under the program and turned out to be linked to the terrorist group Al Qaeda.

Obama also attacked the GOP over the matter of proposals to make admitting Syrian refugees who are Christians easier. Once again, Obama claims that such is unAmerican. But, as reality shows us, religion plays a huge role in the refugee problem. More than two-thirds of all refugees seeking asylum here do so because of religious persecution. With ISIS systematically killing every Christian they can, or for the females, making them sex slaves, I would call that religious persecution. Our laws on refugees do require that we take religion into consideration. Who, from Syria, is more threatened by ISIS? A Muslim or a Christian? Who deserves more of a chance to escape certain death or enslavement?

But, in the pee-sized mind of Barack Hussein Obama, such thinking is impossible. Instead, Obama needs to lie since the truth does not fit his world-view. In turn, Obama needs help in covering up his lies, so his department heads engage in cooking the books of the public record. Or, in Hillary Clinton′s case, just hiding the books by having them on her own, private server so she can delete the facts when necessary. Much better than hiding evidence in her closet.

There is little doubt that more and more Americans are seeing through the lies of Obama. Recent polls show a growing majority oppose Obama′s position on admitting Syrian refugees and disapprove of his overall handling of ISIS. The big winner of the past week has been Donald Trump, whose poll numbers are rising even after being smeared by the news media over Muslim databases and wearing crescent moons on their clothing. Trump has taken a hard line on suspending refugees from terror-ridden lands, calling instead for safe zones to be set up inside Syria. Trump also wants to bomb ISIS back to the 7th Century, something to which the American people whole-heartedly agree with. Reports that Obama gave ISIS a 45-minute heads-up before attacking a truck convoy not only makes Obama look weak in comparison to Trump. It makes Obama look like he is trying to protect ISIS, giving them a helping hand. That, my friends, is what is known as treason! Giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

But then, Obama does not consider ISIS to be an enemy. In the Universe of Barack Hussein Obama, Republicans are the real enemy, not the Islamic State. ISIS is not a threat to the world, global warming and climate change are. The Obama administration has lied again to the American people over ISIS being a threat. Obama, himself, lied just a week and a half ago telling us that he had ISIS contained. Within hours ISIS attacked Paris, proving Obama wrong yet again. Why Obama has any credibility other than within the Liberal Media is beyond me?