No point in doing a ′Spoiler Alert′ on this! Last night on AMC TV′s hit series, ″The Walking Dead″, we learned that Glenn Rhee, played by actor Steven Yeun, is still very much alive. He did not die in Episode 3 of Season 6. At the very beginning of Episode 7, we see that Glenn managed to escape a pack of hungry walkers by hiding under a trash bin. Then, thanks to Enid, the teenage heart-flame for Carl and Ron, helped out by distracting the walkers away. After weeks of mystery, fan outrage and Internet buzz, our favorite pizza deliver guy turned post-apocalyptic hero is alive and well and still kicking. Good thing, too, because he is needed now more than ever to help save his friends from disaster.

In last week′s episode, the focus was on Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. They were ambushed by another group of survivors after leading half of the zombie mega-herd from the rock quarry away from Alexandria. The Ambushers were looking for somebody else as it turned out, but that is how things happen in the Zombie Apocalypse. In the end, Daryl rejoins Abraham and Sasha and picked up some new wheels, a gasoline tanker truck named ′Patty′. As they are returning to Alexandria, they hear a cry for ″HELP″ on the radio. Almost immediately, fans began wondering if its Glenn? The voice sure didn′t sound like Rick.

Glenn chases down Enid who tells him that there was an attack on Alexandria. He wants to know if his wife, Maggie, is okay, but Enid really doesn′t know. All Enid knows is that she does not want to go back, but Glenn is not taking ′No′ for an answer. He figures he′ll need all the help he can get as he knows that the other half of the rock quarry herd is headed for Alexandria. The two set off for there.

Back at Alexandria, Rick is growing concerned about the condition of the walls. Blood from the walkers is seeping through rivets. Rick figures that there must be so many walkers pushing up against it that some walkers are getting crushed. He decides to start reinforcing key points to strengthen their defenses. But the real weakness at Alexandria may still lie with some of its residents, including Rick′s old buddy, Morgan. Rick wants to talk with Morgan while Morgan wants to chat with Dr. Denise about treating the wounded Wolf Morgan has secretly locked up.

In between all of this, Jesse′s older son, Ron wants lessons on shooting guns from Rick. Rick, and his son Carl, help out, teaching Ron some basics. Ron even gets a pistol to practice carrying, but no bullets. Rosita is doing her part as well, training other residents, including Eugene, on the proper method of using a machete to kill walkers. Rick, Michone and Carol finally chat with Morgan on the subject of not killing some of the Wolves. Those Morgan let go latter attacked Rick and shot up the RV Rick was planning to use to lead the second herd away. Thanks to Morgan and his ethics, Rick was almost killed and the town is now surrounded by the herd. Morgan explains his philosophy but the others aren′t buying it. Especially Carol, who winds up following Moran later and discovers the secret Wolf who is still alive and Morgan is hiding.

There are a few other subplots going on. We also have some periodic glimpses of boards of wood falling off of the old church steeple. Glenn is practicing parenthood with Enid, trying out some child psychology to get her on board with being a team player. After finding some green balloons that had been used to mark a safe zone, along with a helium tank and a bag of more balloons, Glenn and Enid arrive at Alexandria. They see the town surrounded. Enid wants to run away, but Glenn wants to stay and save the town. Once he figures out a way to do it. He better think fast because more danger is lurking. Ron sneaks into Olivia′s house and raids the community armory, stealing bullets for his pistol. Then, Ron starts shadowing Carl. Is revenge for loosing his father and girlfriend on Ron′s mind?

Before Ron can commit murder, two things happen. First, Glenn sends a signal to the Alexandrians as a cloud of green balloons float above the town. Maggie, Rick and others are excited, knowing that the signal is from Glenn and presumably their other friends outside the wall as well. But before they can cheer the old church steeple comes crashing down! Apparently, the mass of walkers pushing against it, plus being damaged during the raid by the Wolves, has caused the structure to fail. The steeple crashes into the wall and knocks part of it down. As the dust settles, a shocked Rick sees a stream of walkers flooding into Alexandria! EVERYBODY RUN!!! Next week′s episode, the Mid-Season-Semi-Finale, should be an interesting one!