In the wake of the Paris attacks, Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has gained a bump in the latest batch of polls. In every nationwide poll, Trump leads the pack of 14 remaining GOP candidates by at least 4 to 5 points. In individual states, Trumps lead is increasing. He leads by about 10 to 12 points in New Hampshire and by 18 points in Florida, double that of second-place Marco Rubio. Jeb Bush finished 5th in his home state with just 9%. In Colorado, which has gone ′Blue′ in the last few election cycles, Trump is out front and even beats Hillary Clinton by double digits. There seems little doubt that after recent global events, voters are warming up to the tough-talking, man of action!

Even C-SPAN now has added warnings during live broadcasts of Trump speeches for adult language! Foul language aside, voters are awakening to the matter of how feckless politicians are making America more vulnerable, putting citizens in grave danger. Donald Trump has been consistent in his tough rhetoric on dealing with illegal immigrants and with Islamic terrorists. After hearing the Democrat candidates during last weekend′s debate refuse to use the term Islamic terrorism, and Obama′s latest nonsense about America neither leading nor winning the war against ISIS, Trump is a breath of fresh air. Reassuring citizens that he will have their safety and security foremost on his mind.

Ben Carson took the biggest drop in the newest polls. His campaign may have hit an iceberg after his biography became under scrutiny. Carson′s response to the Paris attacks did not help him much either. His mild, mannered ways make him look like just another version of Barack Obama. In times of trouble and threats, people want somebody to show emotion. To get angry and vow to fight the good fight! Instead, the Obama administration comes off as an encounter group, even trying to legitimize the reasons behind terrorism. The voters will have no more of that.

With the clock ticking down before the real voting begins, Donald Trump is solidifying his lead in all of the latest polls. Trump is now also showing himself to be a strong candidate to challenge Hillary Clinton. Following the Paris attacks, terrorism is once again a major issue for voters. Not climate change or global warming. The 2016 presidential race may shape up much like 2004 when the ′Security Moms′ reelected George W. Bush. Now more than ever, citizens want our borders secured and some tough in the White House to confront global threats.