Overnight, French police fought a violent gun battle against an ISIS terror cell in the town of Saint-Denis, just north of Paris. At about 4:30am local time, police raided an apartment building just a mile away from the Stade de France, the football stadium where three Islamic suicide bombers killed themselves on Friday night. Several cell phones recovered from the Paris attacks led authorities to Saint-Denis. They believed that the mastermind of the attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Moroccan-born man raised in Belgium is thought to be the leader of the Paris attacks, as well as the attempted train attack back in August which was foiled by three American passengers. During the police raid early this morning, two terrorists were killed and seven other suspects arrested. One young Muslim woman killed herself using a suicide-bomb-vest while the second dead Islamic terrorist was shot by police. Five policemen were wounded during the gun battle. Authorities say that the raid was carried out ″just in the nick of time″ as another terror attack was being prepared.

Since French President Francois Hollande declared a ′State of Emergency′, which when approved by the French Senate for 90 days, police will have extra powers to conduct searches and interrogations. The result of this has led them to uncover a vast ″spider web″ of terror cells in the Paris area. This latest raid seems to be confirming a report from Iraqi intelligence sources which warned France last week that as many as 19 known terrorists ′went dark′, which means they stopped using normal communications and changed their habits to avoid surveillance. Whether those identified in Friday′s attack, and in today′s raid, were among those 19 is unknown. If they were, then that means that at least four or five other terrorists, including ′mastermind′ Abaaoud are still on the loose.

France is continuing its bombing campaign against Islamic State targets in Syria. They are now joined by Vladimir Putin who has stepped up Russian attacks against ISIS now that they have confirmed that the terror group was responsible for destroying Metrojet Flight #9268 last month. Traces of TNT were found on the airliner′s wreckage. Egyptian authorities have arrested two airport workers in connection to the terrorist act which killed 224 passengers and crew. In addition to Russia cooperating directly with France, Rootin′-Tootin′ Putin is now also talking directly with Egypt to give them support. Putin vows to send the terrorists to meet their God!

A far cry from those in the Barack Obama administration. After Obama himself said he is not interested in America winning nor leading the fight against ISIS, we can forget about him helping anyone, except maybe the Islamic State. Reports have surfaced that under Obama′s rules of engagement, the US Air Force has actually dropped leaflets warning ISIS fighters before we bomb them. How polite of Obama! Makes you wonder whose side is he really on? Might even make you wonder about two questions that have yet to be answered about the Benghazi terror attack, what was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi in the first place? What were the CIA up to there? Was there a program of shipping Libyan weapons to ISIS so they could fight Bashar al-Assad?

Then yesterday, if Obama didn′t make the United States look foolish, his Secretary of State, John Kerry, threw in his two-cents saying that the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris had ″legitimacy″ and had a ″rationale″ behind it. REALLY? That is what John Kerry thinks? Maybe he should go throw some more military medals in fountain or pool? Maybe he should throw himself in? Mr. Ketchup is as looney, if not more so, than Obama and Hillary Clinton! But I suppose it is what we should expect from Democrats, Liberals and Progressives in general, as they all suffer from the same mental disorder.

Obama continues to double-down on his plot to flood America with Syrian refugees without proper vetting. There is no genuine way to vet these characters and separate terrorists from actual refugees. Maybe Obama thinks they can use the ′voice-comp′ test from ″Bladerunner″?

″You are walking in the desert and you come across a tortoise turned over on its back…″
″What′s a tortoise?″
″You know what a turtle is?″
″Same thing… How do you feel about your mother?″
″My mother! Let me tell you about my mother…″ BANG!!!

I am really starting to like FBI Director James Comey. Not only has he effectively trashed the White House view that ISIS is ″contained″ and is ″not growing″, but he has been quite honest about our efforts to investigate terror cells already within the United States. According to Comey, there are at least some 250 suspects who we know traveled to Syria and joined the Islamic State, them returned here after being trained. There are also at least 1,000 other suspects whom may be connected with ISIS in some way here in America. However, the FBI really only has the resources to watch about 60-70 suspects 24/7. Think about that as Obama continues to bully his policy of bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees here. Not only is the Obama administration not telling state and local authorities where they are resettling these refugees, it doesn′t matter if they did. Governor Bobby Jindal, who dropped out of the GOP presidential race yesterday, announced that at least 14 refugees were brought into the State of Louisiana. But when he instructed state police to locate them, only 13 were found. The missing refugee left the state and has turned up in Washington, DC. Incidentally, the latest video from ISIS names Washington DC as one of their next targets. Hmm???

So while Hollande and Putin are teaming up, forming a coalition to destroy the Islamic State, Obama, Kerry and the rest of the dummy Democrats are still talking about merely containing ISIS. As if ISIS can be contained! We certainly are not going to ″contain″ them by dropping warning leaflets or with only half of our jets actually dropping their bombs on targets. Big deal, we′ve flown 7,000 sorties in the last 18 months. That includes recon planes, fuel tankers, etc. Maybe 4 to 6 planes per day actually carrying weapons. Compare that to the war on Iraq were we were flying over 1,000 sorties per day, and Kosovo with about 300 per day. Barack Obama is engaged in a sissified ′slap-fight′ with the Islamic State. Just something to do while he runs out the last 430 days of his administration