If you thought Barack Obama was weak and disconnected before, you may be surprised how lower he has descended. But I′m not surprised! There is simply no bottom when it comes to Obama. During a press conference in Turkey, where Obama is attending another G20 summit, President Zero gave what may have been his worst speech yet. Despite recent events, from the downing of a Russian airliner by ISIS (now confirmed to have had a bomb on board) to last Friday′s Paris attacks, Obama said that ′his′ strategy for combating the Islamic State will not change. He also dismissed critics, namely Republicans, of his promise to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into America in the next few months. Obama said that he is ″too busy″ to discuss the subject with the GOP. In response, some 26 state governors, including one Democrat, now oppose Syrian refugees from being settled in their states.

Who can blame them? After all, the first duty of nearly every level of elected officials is to protect his or her constituency from violent harm. The very sort promised by ISIS in their latest threat video. We have conclusive proof that at least one of those jihadists whom carried out the Paris attacks arrived in Europe, specifically Greece, hiding among the swarms of some 800,000 Syrian refugees. Investigations are indicating that others have been smuggled in as well. Nobody can say how many, but the majority of the refugees are young men of what we can call a ′military age′, say 18 to 30 years old.

Obama claims that a thorough vetting process is underway to ensure that only safe, happy Muslim refugees are brought into America. But how can these refugees possibly be vetted? To begin with, we are not exactly on the best of terms with the Syrian government these days now, are we? Does Obama think that the Assad regime is going to cooperate with him? That, of course, is assuming that there is sort sort of paper trail of data which can be used to vet the refugees. Not to mention that the data provided is accurate, too! Syria is in a civil war with almost half the country in total chaos. There is absolutely no way we could determine who may be a potential terrorist and who is not, except by sheer age and maybe health.

This is the main reason why the governors are now balking at allowing refugees. When the scheme was first proposed, many governors, including Republican ones, were excited. Especially with Obama looking to fund the resettlement program to the tune of some $65,000 per refugee! Michigan′s governor, Rick Synder, a ′Progressive′ Republican, said he′d like 50,000 refugees at that price. It would be an economic boom for the State of Michigan! But after the Paris attacks, and the revelation that at least one terrorist sneaked into Europe as a refugee, Synder has changed his tune. I guess even the hope of milking an extra $3 Billion and change from Obama has its limits.

So hats off to the governors for opposing Barack Obama and his Syrian refugee scheme. Unfortunately, there is little the governors can do about it, other than pressure their members of House and Senate to block funding. This latest run-in with the Islamic State has the Obama administration in full defense mode. The White House is getting pressure from not only GOP members of Congress, but also Democrats as well and even some in the press, too! Its not every day that the Washington Post publishes an editorial critical of a Democrat president. But the cosmos is aligned and the Super-Blue-Moon is rising over a horizon that Obama did not expect. Most of our international allies are also scratching their heads over Obama′s latest ramblings. The magic has not just worn off, but is now exposed as being fake from the very beginning.