French officials now confirm that at least one of the Islamic terrorists involved in the Paris attacks Friday night did enter Europe hiding among the flood of Syrian refugees. Authorities believe that several others, whom made up the three groups of jihadi attackers, perhaps 10 to 12 men in total, may also have been part of an organized smuggling effort by the Islamic State, or ISIS / ISIL. Meanwhile, Saturday night in Des Moines, Iowa, CBS News hosted the second of only six debates for Democrat Party presidential candidates. The subject of the Paris attacks and of the Syrian refugee crisis were addressed. But front runner Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to increase the 10,000 refugees which Barack Obama has pledged to admit into the United States. Is Hillary Clinton insane? Has she flipped her ′wig′?

One might think so! After all, Hillary Clinton, along with her old boss, Barack Hussein Obama, are largely responsible for the mess they have created in the Middle East and Northern Africa due to their policies. Namely, promoting the Muslim Brotherhood and the ′Arab Spring′. Not to forget the abandonment of Iraq and the Kurds when Obama withdrew our forces from Iraq in 2011. So far this year, some 800,000 refugees have fled Syria, Libya, and other nations in the region for Europe. Even before the Paris attacks, it has been known that many terrorists are hiding among the refugees. About a dozen terrorists were arrested recently in Italy, most of whom came from Libya after the chaos caused there by Obama and Clinton.

There is no doubt that Hillary Rodham Clinton is no better than Barack Hussein Obama when it comes to defending America, its borders and citizens. Bad enough both politicians want to rob workers of their earnings to pay for the corruption and bribery they each need to remain in office. The estimated price tag for bringing Syrian refugees here is around $65,000 per refugee. Which means the actual figure will probably wind up being two or three times higher. How do you feel about that, Mr. and Mrs. U.S. Taxpayer? How about you legal citizens, such as retired, senior citizens, who only get a small fraction of that after working here for decades paying income and payroll taxes? How can Hillary or Obama justify this to the poor already living here? Even #BlackLivesMatter is upset with all of the attention the Paris attacks and refugee crisis is now getting.

Republican presidential candidates are generally more realistic about the Paris attacks, the Islamic State and the Syrian refugee crisis. Some do not want any refugees brought here, rather assist them with humanitarian support by creating a safe zone in or near Syria. But not the Democrats. Their scheme, as with illegal immigration in general, is to bring them here and give them the vote to pad Democrat ballots. Democrats, like Hillary Rodham Clinton, do not care about the United States at all. She, and Liberals, could care less if America is harmed by their policies and ideology. To vote for a Democrat is to say ′Yes′ to Islamic terrorists launching attacks like the Paris bombings and shootings we saw on Friday. Hillary, Obama and their confederates are actually supporting the Islamic State, allowing ISIS, or ISIL, to grow in strength and numbers.