The Islamic State is claiming to be behind the series of Paris attacks which turned the City of Lights into a bloodbath. Some 127 were killed by jihadi terrorists as they struck six to seven different targets. Nearly 200 people were wounded, about half are said to be in critical condition. France closed its borders and Paris is under a curfew and martial law for the first time since 1944. French President Francois Hollande vowed that France would wage a ″pitiless″ and ″merciless″ war against ISIS. So far, only 8 terrorists are confirmed to be dead, seven killing themselves with suicide-bomb-belts. The attacks began late in the evening at the Stade de France sports stadium where Hollande and thousands of fans were watching a soccer, or football game between France and Germany. Several suicide bombs went off outside the stadium. Just hours before, Barack Hussein Obama told ′Good Morning America′ during a taped interview that ISIL was ″contained″. Once again, Obama showed himself to be a total fool.

Following the attack at the stadium, where 4 people were killed, a car with at least four other terrorists went on a killing spree, shooting up several Parisian restaurants and cafes. Some 19 were killed at one, 14 at another, with two others suffering 4 dead at each. Whether it was the same group, or four other terrorists, the next target was the Bataclan concert hall, just blocks away from the offices of the Charlie Hebro magazine. A rock band from California known as Eagles of Death Metal, was playing at the hall before several hundred people. Four terrorists entered blasting away with AK-47s an tossing hand grenades. At least 80 people were killed and dozens wounded during the attack there. As a hostage situation unfolded, police assaulted the hall, rescuing many trapped fans.

President Hollande, who was rushed out of the stadium after the bombs went off, ordered that all of France′s borders be closed, including the Charles de Gaulle Airport. A state of emergency was declared with authorities ordering citizens to go home and stay indoors as the hunt began for any other terrorists. The Associated Press reports that a Syrian passport was found on the body of one jihadi. Meanwhile, in Germany, police arrested a 51-year old Muslim in Bavaria on a routine traffic stop. The car was carrying an AK-47, hand grenades and explosives.

Back in the United States, you may be interested in knowing that the first of thousands of Syrian refugees arrived in New Orleans. The Obama administration plans on increasing and accelerating the flow of Muslim refugees into America. In Europe, many countries are now reconsidering their decisions to allow the Syrian refugees sanctuary. Even Sweden, which has seen a sharp rise in rapes and assaults from Muslims against native Swedes, may reverse their plans for taking more refugees. Governor Synder of the State of Michigan wants 50,000 Muslim refugees to be resettled there in hopes of an economic boom. Dare I say that we can expect another sort of BOOM! as from a suicide-bomb-belt?

Its not like I haven′t been saying all along that Barack Obama and his idiotic policies have led us to this. ISIS is far from being ″contained″ or ″losing″. Quite the opposite! In the past year, they have grown from some 20,000 fighters to over 60,000. Just in the past 48 hours, along with the Paris attacks, the Islamic State carried out terrorist attacks in Beirut and Baghdad, killing hundreds. Rumors have it that France was already on high alert after arresting a group of jihadis planning an attack in Toulon, a major port for the French navy. The caliphate of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant wants foreign troops to fight against in Syria, as they see it as fulfilling their apocalyptic vision. Unlike Obama, at least President Hollande seems to finally ′get it′ that this is a war that must, by nature, be ″pitiless″ and ″merciless″. I′m sure Vladimir Putin is happy that he may now have a truly committed ally on his side with France for doing what is necessary in Syria.