Did a U.S. drone strike kill the notorious ISIS-ISIL killer, Jihadi John in Syria? There are some reports that an airstrike against the Islamic State did take him out. But British Prime Minister David Cameron isn′t so sure. Even Secretary of State, John Kerry, who is in London attending talks with Cameron, says that Jihadi John′s fate is ″unknown″. Jihadi John, featured in many ISIS videos as the executioner whom beheads Western hostages, is thought to be British citizen, Mohammed Emwazi. This latest news follows fresh threats by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant against Russia for its military incursion into Syria. ISIS has claimed that they brought down Russian airliner Kogalymavia, or Metroair, Flight 9268, over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, presumably with a bomb stashed on board. The main question one has to ask is would the death of Jihadi John make any difference? Would it demoralize ISIS fighters or would another simply take his place?

This is, of course, the fundamental problem with our approach to combating Islamic extremists. These guys are fighting a holy war filled with apocalyptic visions. Martyrdom is an aspiration, a goal to be achieved. Kill one, another takes his place, ready to die for the cause. Plinking them off, one by one, only gives the extremists more time to organize bigger attacks. Barack Obama′s latest strategy of sending a handful of special ops fighters to Syria is a continuation of this failed policy.

Reports from inside the Pentagon claim that Jihadi John was killed in an airstrike launched by the United States. But so far, there is little evidence to support this claim. Mohammed Emwazi, a.k.a. Jihadi John, has been seen often in beheading videos from ISIS. The British national, who went to Syria to fight for the Islamic State, may still be alive according the David Cameron. Whatever his fate, ISIL is still causing plenty of trouble with or without Jihadi John.