We have come a long way in 50 years since the ′Free Speech′ movement began on college campuses. A long way in the wrong direction. Students at several college campuses across America launched protests showing their solidarity with agitators at the University of Missouri. The uproar at ′Mizzou′ began based on largely on false statements, unsupported allegations of racism, and even a hunger strike caused by Obamacare! We knew all along that the Barack Obama White House was behind all of this. Several of the organizers of these protests, led by the folks at #BlackLivesMatter, and an off-shoot, #BlackOnCampus, had visited the White House recently. This past Monday, the protests at U of MO resulted in the resignations of the college′s president and chancellor. A new interim president, Michael Middleton, was selected yesterday and he promised to make the campus a ′safe zone′ for students. Even the student body vice president, Brenda Smith-Lezama, told MSNBC viewers during an interview that the 1st Amendment creates a ″hostile and unsafe learning environment″ for students!

Yep! This is the state of our educational institutions in the New Normal in the Age of Obama. Ms. Smith-Lezama, if thats her real name, said, ″I′m personally tired of hearing that the first Amendment rights protect students when they are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and for other students here.″ So this young lady is tired of the First Amendment. Which amendment will she become tired of next? Maybe the whole Constitution, as it was written by old White men to secure their White Privilege?

The primary ′White Privilege′ that started this whole protest was initiated by none other than Barack Obama! A graduate student at the University of Missouri, Jonathan Butler, launched a much-publicized, two-day hunger strike, protesting against the college dumping his free health insurance. Mind you, Butler′s father is a top executive for a railroad company and is worth some $8 million dollars. You would think that daddy could afford to buy junior some insurance. The reason the school canceled Butler′s insurance was because of a provision in the Affordable Care Act of 2010, a.k.a. Obamacare. I guess Butler didn′t read the bill before supporting it!

This was followed by several accounts of racial hostility, none of which can be proven. One such incident, a swastika made of feces, did merit a campus police report, but there were no photos taken. Nor is there any videos nor photos of other alleged incidents. One story about how there was a chapter of the Klu Klux Klan on campus was admitted to have been a hoax. So the college was disrupted for days by protestors and the school′s two top officials resigned all due to phony, trumped up outrages.

Freedom of Speech is in peril at our colleges and universities. Even comedians like Jerry Seinfeld now refuse to appear at campuses because of the hyper-sensitivity that now exists. You can′t say anything about anyone, anymore. The situation has gotten even worse. Take for example the actions of a ′mass-communications′ professor, Melissa Click. During the protest, this ′assistant-professor′ was caught on camera by an Asian-American journalism student, Tim Tai, calling out for some ″muscle″ to bully and drive off the student reporter. Protestors began chanting, ″Hey-hey, Ho-ho, reporters have to go!″ This exercise in mass-communications backfired of Ms. Click, who resigned her ′courtesy association′ with the school′s journalism department.

So what do we do about this? If you are a parent with a child in college, I′d say stop paying tuition! Pull your kid out now! Find a better school, like Hillsdale College, where they don′t put up with this sort of nonsense. But, in all truth, there are only a handful of such schools that still function rationally. If your kid still wants to attend Yale, Harvard, Mizzou or some other freakshow campus, then let them get a job and pay for it themselves. Tell your governor and state legislature to end funding as well. If you have children approaching college age, steer them into learning a practical trade. Not a degree in ethnic or gender studies.

Hopefully, with technology, our entire public education system will be scrapped and replaced by a digital system. One where anyone will be able to access the best professors and course programs from the ′safe zone′ of their own homes. As for me, I already have a ′safe zone′, its called my bunker! My First Amendment rights are protected by my Second Amendment rights. Try to mess with me by launching some micro-aggression or macro-aggression and I′ll shove a 12-gauge up you wahzoo!