As the Republican presidential candidates were preparing for their fourth debate, a new report from the Politico yesterday claims that the FBI is expanding its probe into the Hillary Clinton email scandal. The Politico article alleges that the Federal Bureau of Investigations is widening the scope of their probe to include more of other State Department officials whom may have mishandled classified material. Meanwhile, the New York Times is saying that friends of Hillary are busy working at trying to get the FBI probe shut down, fearing that she may actually be charged with crimes. Even just a quick, simple reading of the Espionage Act would indicate that Hillary Clinton probably broke at least 4 or 5 federal laws by using her private email server to send work-related emails. To date, some 700 of the emails she sent or received, have been found to contain classified information, with still more emails to come!

Yes, I know! The Clintons have a long history of being able to slime their way out of criminal responsibility. But we can still dream, can′t we? There are a lot of rumors floating about concerning Hillary′s email scandal and the impact on her presidential campaign. One alleges that Barack Obama and his top aide, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett have discussed whether they should just pardon Hillary now, before the FBI completes its investigation. Of course, there is the rumor that while Joe Biden has declined to run for president, he has a team in place in case he has to jump in following Hillary being arrested and charged.

After her recent testimony before the House Select Committee, Hillary Clinton may also be looking at charges of lying to Congress. She clearly lied to the American people on many topics, including what, or who, was responsibility for the Benghazi terrorist attack. She is in a predicament that even a nice wig won′t help. With the FBI expanding its probe into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, including now other State Department officials, it is possible that somebody might spill the beans. Stranger things have happened.