So who won the 4th GOP presidential debate last night on the Fox Business Network? The viewers, of course! What viewers they had. FBN is not on most cable and satellite basic packages. Unlike CNBC and Bloomberg, which few people actually watch, the Fox Business Network is usually only carried by those with upgraded TV packages. We′ll see how many people watched last night. I suspect that most will catch it on the Internet. Neil Cavuto and his team of questioners did a good job staying on subject. There were no ′gotcha′ questions, and little bias against the Republican Party candidates. Maria Bartiromo got booed by the audience in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for implying that Hillary Clinton actually has some genuine experience during a question to Marco Rubio. Naturally, Rubio punched back that everything Hillary touched either is broken or tainted.

During the ′undercard′ debate, which aired first, only four candidates appeared. Rick Santorum, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal were on stage, each having met the threshold of having at least 1% standing in the four selected polls for determining the debate field. George Pataki and Lindsay Graham were given the boot and exiled much like Jim Gilmore was in the last two GOP debates. Christie and Huckabee were demoted after falling bellow the minimum 2.5% standing in the selected polls needed to appear during the prime-time event. But this may have worked out well for Christie, who dominated and held off attacks by Jindal. However, lets face facts, Chris Christie is not going to win the GOP nomination as ′The Base′ will have little to do with him.

The prime-time debate went well for most of the candidates. No real clear winner emerged. Rubio seemed to get much more face time than the others. Things went poorly for John Kasich as he tried to attack Donald Trump, unsuccessfully again, and tried interrupting other candidates. Even Trump stepped in to tell Kasich to let Jeb Bush speak. Jeb returned the favor by only going after Trump on the issue of deporting illegal immigrants. But Donald easily deflected, reminding people that mass deportations have been done before by President Einsenhower. Everybody liked Ike!

If I were to pick one candidate who stuck out it would be Ted Cruz. He did a great job fielding economic questions. Cruz does have the most detailed plan on his website for streamlining taxes, cutting budget items and dealing with the Federal Reserve. He did have one gaffe which came while listing five departments or large agencies he would eliminate. Cruz listed the Department of Commerce twice. Other than that, he had a good night, so I′ll give him the win.

Ben Carson did okay, even joking with Neil Cavuto, thanking Neil for not asking him a question about something he said in the 10th Grade. I still have no clue about Carson′s economic policies. Rand Paul did okay, too, proving that he is still a worthy opponent with a message that needs to be told and heard. Other than Kasich, whom I would have to say was the loser of the evening, other than the previous three debate hosts, Carly Fiorina once again showed herself to be less than what she claims. She says she got started in business as a secretary, which she really didn′t. Yeah, she worked as a secretary during a summer break for one of her daddy′s pals. C′mon! She ruined two major corporations, couldn′t win a Senate race and now claims she met ′privately′ with Vladimir Putin, not in a ′green room′, like Trump. Unfortunately, when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, she told him that she met Putin in China at a ′green room′ for some TV show they were guests on. Oh well, I guess Carly and Hillary have more in common than we thought!

The main theme of last night′s debate was pretty simple. Irregardless of which GOP presidential candidate you are supporting, all of them, maybe even Kasich and Fiorina, have better plans for improving our economy than does Hillary Clinton. I may throw Ben Carson in that lot as well after hearing him say he′s friends with Janet Yellen, head of the Federal Reserve Board, and might consider keeping her around. Clearly, she is doing whatever Barack Obama wants, so she needs to go at the earliest possible moment. Hillary will keep her around until she′s ready to appoint one of her own hacks as Fed Chairman, maybe even her husband, Bill!

Speaking of Hillary, I think the best joke of the night goes to Marco Rubio. He had a good night overall but his best line of the evening was when he said that if he were elected, he would pardon Hillary because he wouldn′t want to see a grandmother in prison. Maybe I′m wrong and somebody else said it, but I think it was Marco. If so, then he gets the nod for best joke. If not, then whoever did say it. Especially after the latest news that the FBI is expanding its investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, widening its scope to include her staffers who may have also allegedly mishandled classified information.

So there you have it! The best debate so far this season. The 4th GOP presidential debate, hosted by the Fox Business Network in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was a good one. No cheap shots by moderators out to make themselves part of the story. Neil Cavuto ran a taut ship and the viewers benefited from that. I think that Ted Cruz probably had the best night of all of the prime-time Republican Party candidates. Marco Rubio did okay, but I′m not worried about him anymore. He′s going nowhere near the White House. Believe me! Who do you think won, lost, etc.?