Season 6 of AMC-TV′s ″The Walking Dead″ is certainly an ambitious one. In Episode 5, we have caught up to the jumbled time-lines of the past four episodes. We still do not know the ultimate fate of Glenn, but Rick returns to Alexandria, followed by a huge heard of zombies. The rest of the community is still cleaning up after the Wolves had attacked them. Just when they thought things were settling down, now the folks find themselves surrounded, 20-deep, as walkers and roamers gather about the haven′s walls. So before I go into further details, I shall cry out, ″SPOILER ALERT!″

Yes, Rick is back! Somehow he made it out of the RV that would not start and ran all the way back home. Apparently the zombie blood has not mixed into his system through the cut he gave himself. At least not yet. He tells the community the situation and gives a hopeful message. Soon, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha will return after leading the bulk of the zombies from the rock quarry far away. They will then be able to lead this bunch away, too! All the folks have to do is stay calm, and quiet, and all will be well.

Well? Hardly good television! We need conflict! First up is Rick′s son Carl and Jesse′s son Ron. Both teenage boys were interested in Enid, who took off after the attack by the Wolves. Carl wants Ron to come with him and search for her outside of the walls. But Ron isn′t risking his life for his two-timing-ex. He warns Carl that if he goes out alone, Ron will tell Rick and that may lead to somebody dying while searching for Carl. The lads have a brief ′slap-fight′, which injures nobody but seemed to do the trick and Carl goes home to mope.

Back at the town′s pantry, the natives are restless and want more than their rationed amounts. After all, the end is here now with a horde of zombies surrounding them! Who cares about eating next week when they′ll be dead by then? Spencer, Deanna′s remaining son, shames the looters and rallies them to stay the course. This inspires Deanna, the former Congresswoman, to shake off her own doubts and start planning for the future again. Only to learn later that Spencer decided to grab a basket full of goodies himself. Drunk on the wine he stole, Spencer unloads on his mommy, blaming her and her stupid vision of restoring civilization for the deaths of his father, brother and those killed by the Wolves. Whats a mother to do?

Ask Jesse and Maggie, maybe? Jesse has problems with her older son, Ron, who blames her for his dad′s death. Now her younger son, Sam, is scared to come down the stairs after his mom turned the kitchen into a abattoir. Jesse finally got around to dragging the corpse of the Wolf she killed. Crying out loud, Lady! Wrap a towel around the victim′s head or use something so you′re not leaving a trail of blood across your hardwood floors! Shows you what kind of housewife she is! No wonder her ex, Pete, took to drinking and beating on her.

Meanwhile, Maggie learned from Michonne about Glenn and why he is missing. Maggie decides that she will sneak out, distracting the walkers, and go on a search for her husband. But Aaron tries to talk her out of it and failing to do so, offers an alternative way out. He guides her to a storm drain, down which takes them to an old sewer line built before the development, which has a newer, bio-waste system. Along the way, they meet up with a couple of zombies, but when they reach the end of the line, Maggie and Aaron discover they are far short of a safe exit. Walkers begin gathering at the steel gate over the storm drain. Maggie decides to abandon her plan to search for Glenn, telling Aaron her secret. She is pregnant! Glenn wouldn′t like it if she risked her life to find him, now would he?

Others are dealing with the zombie apocalypse. Jesse comes across one of her neighbors who apparently committed suicide after learning her husband was dead. Jesse offers ′mercy′ and stabs the woman through the eye. She then tells the other neighbors that its time to fight and survive! Too bad Deanna didn′t hear her. She′s messed up and hanging on to the last shreds of sanity. While taking back the groceries Spencer stole from the pantry, Deanna is attacked by a Wolf-turned-zombie. She struggles as she tries to hold the monster off, but she keeps stabbing the creature in the chest, not its head, with a broken wine bottle. Rick comes along and saves her. Her face coated in blood, Deanna tells Rick he′s in charge now, but Rick thinks she still needs to be the community′s leader.

What is the future of Alexandria? Will they embrace optimism and live for a better life? Tara may be thinking that now, after being kissed by Denise, the newly appointed doctor. On the other side of the fence, Rick and Jesse also kiss. Love is in the air amidst being surrounded by horde of zombies. If the walls hold, Alexandria might have a future. But spoilers for next week show Daryl, Abraham and Sasha having a hard time out on the road. Daryl appears to have run out of gasoline and may be lost in the woods. Things aren′t much better for Sasha and Abraham. With just three more episodes left until the mid-season break, will we ever learn what happened to Glenn? Stay tuned for the answers!