On Saturday evening over the skies of California, a bright light was seen streaking across, spawning a tidal wave of #UFO on social media. But the UFO was not an alien space craft, not was it Comet Encke nor a meteor from the annual Taurid Meteor showers. The United States Navy test fired a Trident ICBM from a submarine. So say our government, anyway. Hundreds, if not thousands of people saw the object and took photos and video of it. One could say that the Navy missile became an overnight sensation! Take us to your leader!

Yes, its a Monday, and a rather dull one at that! No real big Earth-shattering news to flaunt. So let us enjoy an ′Open Thread′ article. We have not had one for a while now. This is your opportunity to comment on any subject you wish. Say, for example, you wanted to comment on the latest craze from the Ben Carson campaign on how he hid White students in high school when Martin Luther King was assassinated. Apparently, the same Ben Carson, who allegedly tried to hit his mother with a hammer and tried to stab a friend with a knife, was fearful for the safety of his fellow students. This while he was also one of the top ROTC cadets. So which narrative is the truth? Considerate, hard-working, thoughtful Ben Carson? Or Bad-Boy-Ben? Maybe the answers lie inside those pyramid-shape granaries?

I will admit, I don′t know anymore about Ben Carson. He seemed like a good guy. Questions about his own biography, though, are raising doubts in some circles. On the other hand, the Media attacks against him are playing well to his supporters, whom coughed up another $3.5 Million in campaign contributions last week. In a recent interview with Fox News, Carson said that he really didn′t want to become a politician and run for office. Thus being subjected to all of the scrutiny. He was perfectly happy living off his earnings from being a neurosurgeon, plus revenue, quite a bit actually, from his book. Carson said he had to be talked into running for president. Just who was behind the campaign?

Enter one John Philip Sousa IV. Yes, he is the great-grandson of the famous band leader and composer. John the 4th has an interesting career in politics. He is an organizer and fund raiser for many unusual candidates. Before becoming among those whom talked Ben Carson into running for president, Sousa talked Herman Cain into running back in 2012. Before Cain, Sousa worked on the Alan Keyes presidential campaign. Are you starting to see a pattern here? If so, what can you derive as the likely outcome?

Exactly! Not good at all. I liked Ben Carson before he threw his hat in the ring. He had a good message and resonated with many. So long as he stayed in his comfort zone, Carson could pretty much say or do anything without much scrutiny. But now, he has been thrust into the spotlight. Much like the Navy′s missile test, only in reverse. Ben Carson seemed to be a known factor, a Trident missile. But as he streaks across the sky, Carson has become a UFO! Some say that the Ben Carson campaign is just a ′steak dinner′. An excuse for certain alleged individuals to raise lots of money so they can enjoy good food and live it up at nice hotels. The truth is out there, somewhere. Is Ben Carson the real deal, or is he just a weather balloon?