NBC is happy this morning! This week′s episode of Saturday Night Live had its largest ratings boost in years. All of the credit goes to Donald J. Trump, who was the SNL host. Trump even out-did Hillary Clinton, earning 47% more viewers than she! Who says Trump can′t beat Hillary? Well, he just did and by a HUGE margin!

A fore-shadow of things to come? Could be! Of course, my favorite SNL skit last night with Donald Trump was the one that takes us to the year 2018 as he holds a staff meeting in the Oval Office. Everything is wonderful! Trump has fulfilled his promise to ′Make America Great Again′! Even the president of Mexico stops by to give Trump a check for the building of the wall along our mutual border. Best yet, the check for more money than Trump had invoiced them for! How about that? Got Telemundo to switch to English, too! LOL!!!

The success of last night′s SNL episode starring Donald Trump confirms what I have known all along. Trump is the GOP′s best candidate for retaking the White House. There is no two ways about it. He is the most popular presidential candidate that the Republican Party has fielded since Ronald Reagan. The public already knows about him, all about him! He′s been thoroughly vetted over the decades. No lurking skeletons in his gold-laden closets. No issues with his biography. No hidden love child. No pending criminal investigations. Not even a sexual harassment suit!

Can we trust Donald Trump in the White House? Sure we can! Probably more so than any other candidate who has run in decades. First, he′s already rich. No worries about him spending time on stealing from the treasury or even just setting up phony charities to milk. He′s not taking any PAC money, so he′s not in the pocket of any Political Action Committee. He′s even told those PACs that claim to be supporting him to shut down. As far as running the country goes, Trump is a smart guy. He went to Wharton for goodness sakes! Did well there, too! We don′t have to worry about him doing anything too crazy. Much less so than any other candidate from either party.

So there it is, folks! Donald Trump was on Saturday Night Live this weekend and ′killed it′! The overnight ratings for SNL are HUGE! Trump blew away Hillary Clinton′s numbers for her appearance. Plus, Trump was actually funny! Even the Larry David bit was amusing. We′ll see if Larry gets his $5,000. If Larry does, he ought to donate it to a charity of Trump′s choosing. Whatever bad blood there was between Donald Trump and NBC was probably healed. Good job, Donald! Looking forward to Trump healing America next.