The fur was flying on the Fox News Channel last night! Prime time host, Bill O′Reilly, or as I like to call him – Lord Haw Haw, verbally duked it out with veteran pundit, George Will. Will published a column yesterday slamming O′Reilly′s book, ″Killing Reagan″, the latest in a series co-written by Martin Dugard. Will accuses Big Bill of slandering the iconic president by asserting that Ronald Reagan might have been closed to being removed from office. O′Reilly and Dugard cite old stories about how Reagan may have become mentally and physically incompetent following the assassination attempt in March of 1981. But, as Will points out in his op-ed yesterday, the attempt on Reagan′s life came on Day 70 of his presidency. Not only did Reagan continue to hold office for another 2,853 days after that, but won reelection in a landslide, ended the Cold War with the Soviet Union and spurred the greatest, peace-time economic recovery in America′s history. Not bad for guy that some people believe was an old fool.

During last night′s episode of ″The O′Reilly Factor″ on FNC, Bill and George had a very heated exchange, with many accusations against each other. I guess no night out at the ballpark any time soon for them. In George Will′s mind, the stakes are high. O′Reilly and Dugard appear to be out to assassinate Ronald Reagan′s character, competence and legacy. Many presidential historians have likewise attacked the book and its premises.

Much of the angst concerns a memo on invoking the 25th Amendment which apparently O′Reilly and Dugard may not have actually read until the book was already being printed. O′Reilly and Will had a heated argument on this memo, not only what it alleges but where the memo is currently. Who has possession of it? Apparently it is not among the presidential papers stored at the Ronald Reagan Library. So where is it? Does it even exist?

I, personally, have not read the book. I haven′t read any of their books, not even ″Killing Patton″, and I have read pretty much everything about my favorite general. Including his own letters and poetry. So do I not have an opinion, nor an ax to grind on this one. Frankly, I don′t like either Bill O′Reilly nor George Will. As far as I′m concerned, both of them have long since past whatever usefulness they can offer us. So watch the video if you like watching Fox New personalities fighting with each other.