There are at least two ways that this story could be worse! Ben Carson, has a theory that Joseph, the Bible guy with the multi-colored coat, built the great pyramids in Giza, Egypt to store surplus grain. This comes from a video of Carson giving a commencement speech in 1998, recently unearthed by BuzzFeed. Some archeologists may want to unearth more details. The Liberal Media is certainly having a field day with this, since the ′consensus′ of scientists believe that the pyramids were built as tombs for Egyptian pharaohs. As I said, there are at least two ways this story could be worse. One, Ben Carson thinks the pyramids were built by aliens from outer space, or Two, that Carson thinks Joseph also built the alleged pyramids on Mars. When asked by reporters yesterday while Carson was stumping his new book in Florida about his pyramid theory, Dr. Ben stood his ground. He reasons that grain storage is a more practical function for the gigantic, hermetically sealed structures. The Holy Bible does say that Joseph saved Egypt by building granaries to prevent a famine.

This theory goes against conventional archeology. While it may seem weird, conventional archeology does has many holes as to the purpose, as well as the method of construction of the pyramids. Keep in mind that it was not until the early 19th Century, largely thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte, that the whole science of Egyptology really was born. Up until the Rosetta Stone was discovered, people could not make heads or tails out of hieroglyphics. The story, or history of Ancient Egypt was about as unknown and foreign as the terrain of the far side of our Moon.

Dr. Ben Carson may be right, at least to a degree. The pyramids are excellent for long-term storage. It could be that the purpose behind them was multifunctional, to justify the effort to construct them. Ancient Egyptians may have intended them to be not only tombs for their royalty, but to also preserve what they felt was important. Much like a depository for national treasures, important documents and such that justify large, long-term storage facilities we build today. One such facility is the World Seed Bank, built into the side of a mountain in the high arctic in Norway. While it was constructed to preserve the world′s plant life in the event of a nuclear doomsday scenario, the global seed vault was just recently utilized for replanting varieties of plants decimated in Syria due to the civil war there.

So is Dr. Ben Carson correct about the true purpose of the pyramids in Egypt? That they were built by Joseph, son of Jacob, to store grain? Who can say? We know that the Ancient Egyptians stored a lot of good stuff in them. Over the years, archeologists have found urns of beer, wine, and have even found cheese. All of which was still consumable. Most of the inner chambers, especially the larger chambers, were empty. Why all the wasted space? Storing thousands of tons of grain, even millions of tons, might have been possible. Egypt was the bread basket of the world, even through Roman times. They gotta keep grain somewhere before its needed.