November 3, 2015 was an election day across much of America. In Ohio, voters rejected a marijuana legalization ballot amendment, supported by singer Nick Lachey. He was going to own one of ten pot farms that the state would allow under the referendum. In Houston, Texas, voters struck a blow against a plan to allow transgenders to use public restrooms of the ′natural′, opposite sex. In San Francisco, California, the controversial sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, who supports sanctuary city policies, was defeated by a wide margin. In Kentucky, the voters not only gave the GOP control of the state senate, but also elected Tea Party favorite, Matt Bevin, to be the second Republican governor of the state in the last 40 years. Bevin won by a wide margin, which some Democrats blame on Donald Trump. All in all, yesterday was a great day for Republicans, Conservatives, the Tea Party, and common sense in general.

The wave of reason was nationwide! Democrats failed in their efforts to win the state senate in Virginia despite heavy spending there and using gun control as a major cause. In San Francisco, not only was the idiot sheriff given the boot, but also an anti-Capitalist proposal which would have placed restrictions on short-term leasing and rentals by property owners. The company, AirBNB, which organizes such services and opportunities, successfully campaigned against the measure that would have forced property owners to charge rents and leasing rates comparable with hotel rates.

In Texas, Houston voters went against their Liberal Democrat mayor and the politically correct crowd in rejecting a law pushed by the LGTB community. The proposed law would have allowed men and women to use each other′s public restrooms under the guise that some men are really women and some women think they are men. Texans also approved a ballot proposal that would raise the bar on limiting new hunting and fishing restrictions, making it more difficult to ban or shorter such activities.

The vote against Ohio 3, the pot legalization ballot proposal, went down in flames. The measure would have permitted medical marijuana usage. However, while that may have been a good thing to do, the system proposed was practically a legalized monopoly. Certainly a legal cartel. Only ten growers would be licensed to grow the marijuana and the state government would have been the distributor to retail stores. Singer Nick Lachey campaigned for the law as he would have been one of those ten growers. While I personally support legalization, this was a bad way to do! Most states that permit medical marijuana allow the doctor-prescribed user to grow 6 to 12 plants themselves for their own use, or proxy their crop to a professional grower. Any extra weed grown not needed by the prescribed user is eligible to be sold to a retailer. So this vote can be marked as the first victory over the potential new industry of ′Big Weed′.

Kentucky may be the key to the 2015 election day results with the most impact for the 2016 elections. The purplish state put Republicans in charge. Not only that, but we have another sign that the Tea Party has not faded away as many hoped it would. Mitch McConnell battled hard to win his reelection to the US Senate against Matt Bevin last year. But yesterday showed that Bevin is not going away. Nor are voters who have had enough of Establishment politics. I am not surprised that Democrats are blaming ′Trump Mania′ for the sweeping victory in the Bluegrass State. Despite the media hyping one poll this weekend showing Carson ahead nationwide, every other post-debate poll this week has Donald Trump in the lead. The Reuters/Ipsos poll taken after last Wednesday′s debate on CNBC have Trump on top at 31%. Ben Carson is second with only 18%, followed by Bush and Rubio tied at 10% each.

So are you happy with the 2015 election day results from yesterday? Is America waking up, ready to be great again? Have goofball Liberals been handed their hats by voters in rejecting policies on sanctuary cities and transgender restrooms? Are the Progressives who desire crony Capitalism set back by the defeats of Ohio 3 and the anti-AirBNB bill in San Francisco? Seems that way to me! Yesterday was a good day for Republicans, Conservatives, Capitalists and Tea Party members in general.