With just 90 days until the Iowa Caucus, and 1 year until the 2016 general election, Donald J. Trump is still leading in most of the polls. A new poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal did come out today with Ben Carson 3 points ahead of Trump nationwide, but the margin for error is over 6%. Meanwhile, a series of other polls, including some nationwide, still show Trump ahead of the GOP pack of 14 other candidates. Most state polls, including a new one from PPP in Iowa, show Trump leading for the Republican nomination. In Florida, the latest numbers have Trump up on top at 26%, double that of 5th place Jeb Bush and a double digit lead over Marco Rubio. Every poll, even those with Donald Trump in second place, show him as being the best candidate for handling the economy by well over 50%. Trump is also viewed as the best to go against Hillary Clinton.

Yet, we still have haters and doubters among the ′professional pundits′ who, despite all of the evidence and trend lines, believe that the Trump campaign will self-destruct. Seeing as how Donald is behaving nicer these days, if he hasn′t blown it by now, it seems very unlikely that he will in the future. Trump made his billions adapting to changes in the markets. His foresight into buying up old railroad properties really launched his empire. Compared to the real world of high-end real estate, politics is junior varsity.

Just look at the state of the Jeb Bush campaign! Good Grief! Now he′s relaunching once again with a new slogan, ″Jeb Can Fix It″. Yeah, Right! He can′t even fix his own campaign, let alone adapt to the new trends in politics. Jeb′s message might have worked a decade ago. Beyond his own ineptness, we have the big issue of his last name. The Bush-brand is tainted. As Don Draper would say, ″Change the conversation.″ Jeb needs to re-brand himself. He should have changed his name, legally, to just ′Jeb′, or something. I′ll bet even Jon Tapper would agree that Jeb′s brand needs a complete overhaul.

The Trump brand, on the other hand, is not tainted at all. It has been growing steadily even with the occasional bumps in the road. The numbers don′t lie! Donald Trump is the epitome of the ′Parable of the Talents′. He took his million dollar loan from his father and built it into a multi-billion dollar empire through hard work and brains. No kidding Trump is considered by most voters to be the best candidate to manage the nation′s economy! He has proven by any doubts that he understands how markets function.

Likewise, Trump knows what the American people are concerned about. Aside from the economy, which nearly three-quarters of voters think is still declining or stagnant, unrestricted immigration has emerged as a serious threat. After watching scores of immigrants entering the United States illegally, and aided to do so by the Obama administration, Americans have had enough! Legal citizens see how immigrants are impacting their communities. Causing crime, taking jobs and depleting tax dollars meant to benefit legal residents. If we just spent what illegal immigrants are costing us on infrastructure over the next 15 years, we would have a totally rebuilt nation! All new roads, highways, bridges, sewer systems, waterworks, hospitals, schools, airports, electrical grids, oil and gas pipelines. We would be set for at least a half a century of prosperity.

Now we are watching hordes of immigrants pouring into Europe. So many that several nations are scrambling to avert disaster. Fences and walls are going up as quickly as possible. Troops are mobilized. The very fabric of the European Union, with its ′open borders′ policies, are being questioned. The social unrest being caused by the tide of refugees from Syria, the Middle East and Africa are straining the systems of even the wealthier countries. Many of which are still feeling the pain from austerity measures after the Crash of 2008. Americans watch Europe as the potential for increased crime, violence and terrorism grows everyday, and wonder will it happen here as well?

Donald Trump is not a single-issue candidate. But he has done well on matters like immigration and the economy. On top of that, voters enjoy his optimism on ′Making America Great Again′. Don′t we all want that? Over the weekend, Trump released his ′White Paper′ on fixing the Veterans Administration, in particular the VA hospital system. Just yesterday, Barack Obama′s appointees appeared before Congress and took the 5th Amendment 15 times to avoid answering questions on the scandal the VA hospitals have become.

So with just 90 days to go before the Iowa Caucus, and one year before the 2016 General Election, Donald Trump remains poised to be the Republican presidential nominee. Possibly even our next president! Other than Ben Carson, the rest of the 2016 GOP candidates have yet to make the case that they deserve the job. Practically every poll shows Donald J. Trump leading nationwide, as well as in individual states. Yet, we still have bozos like George Will and Jonah Goldberg who refuse to acknowledge the new dynamics of this political cycle. What about you? Have you accepted the reality of the numbers?