Sunday evening, staff members from most of the 2016 GOP presidential candidates held a meeting in Alexandria, Virginia. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss seizing control over aspects of the televised debates. This follows the RNC suspending NBC News and Telemundo from hosting a debate on February 26 after the CNBC debate debacle. Even some members of the Liberal Media admitted that the bias and hostility towards Republicans by the moderators were all too obvious. The Republican National Committee was not invited to Sunday′s meeting, though the debates are their responsibility. Several proposals were agreed upon by those who did attend and will be presented formally to the networks this week.

Among the items that were agreed to are limiting all debates to no more than two hours in length, allowing each candidate to make an opening and closing statement, having an equal number of questions for all the candidates, and control over on-screen graphics. The Jeb Bush campaign pushed to reinstate the February debate on Telemundo, NBC′s Spanish-language network. But that item went nowhere after the Donald Trump campaign threatened to boycott any debate on Telemundo, which has been attacking Trump ever since he entered the race.

Carly Fiorina sent no representative to the meeting, citing ″logistic″ problems. What? They could not buy a plane ticket for one person to fly from Iowa to Virginia? To paraphrase General Irwin Rommel, amateurs focus on policy, professionals focus on logistics. If her campaign cannot organize a quick plane ride, what does that say about her ability to run a country? We already know she has a hard time running companies.

The exclusion of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was also telling. Priebus had been hailed earlier this year for his reorganizing the GOP primary schedule and cutting back on the number of debates. People are now rethinking his actions. The primary schedule was set up to help Jeb Bush win the nomination early. But now, the same schedule would favor someone like Donald Trump wrapping the nomination by mid-March. Priebus attends each debate and at Boulder, Colorado, was very upset over what CNBC was doing. There is no doubt that he shares in some of the blame.

Likewise, too, is the National Review, which ′co-hosted′ the CNBC debate. I would really like to now just how they contributed? The National Review has been very critical of the two front runners, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Bad enough we have bias from the Liberal Media, but now too from the Conservative, or should I say ′Cuckservative′ Media, as well. Of course, any objective observer would concede that the first GOP debate, televised on the Fox News Channel, was pretty horrendous as well. No less so than the CNBC debate.

Other proposals that did not make the cut for the joint draft letter to the networks include using alternative media. The Ben Carson campaign floated the idea of each candidate holding their own debates on You-Tube, Twitter and or Facebook. Bobby Jindal and Lindsay Graham suggested changes in the debate format concerning a random selection for splitting the numerous candidates. Graham′s team proposed holding two prime debates, each only 90-minutes in length. Each would field just 7 candidates. At a rally in Iowa, Ted Cruz suggested they hire their own moderators, like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and ′The Great One′, Mark Levin. What? No Michael Savage???

With the next GOP debate on the Fox Business Network, FBN, November 10, just 8 days away, it is unlikely that we will see many changes that soon. The GOP candidates meeting on debates this Sunday has thrown the gauntlet down for the RNC, NBC News, and other debate host networks and channels to shape up and fly right. The media bias has grown out of control with moderators playing for their own careers and glory rather than a proper vetting of candidates. The Democrat debate on CNN was practically a love fest for Hillary Clinton. They might as well just billed it as a testimonial. The hornets′ nest has been stirred and Republican candidates appear to be unified against the media. How this will play out to the voters is unknown.