A new NASA study throws more cold water on the Global Warming/Climate Change alarmists. The new report says that the Antarctic ice sheet is growing, not shrinking. Furthermore, it is increasing at a higher rate than loss of glacier ice. This contradicts previous studies from last year, as well as the 2013 IPCC report from the United Nations. Once again, we have measured proof that there is no iron-clad evidence that so-called ′Man-Made Global Warming or Climate Change is an urgent crisis. Even the notion of a ′consensus′ among scientists study the subject is wrong. Certainly the results of such a consensus are shown to be in error.

The 2013 IPCC report claimed that Antarctic land ice is decreasing, losing some 82 million tons of ice from 2003 to 2008. Most of which appeared to be from the Antarctic Peninsula and the Western Antarctic glacier. The new study, which took in a wide range of data collected since 1957, showed that just during the period of 1991 through 2001, the overall Antarctic ice sheet gained some 112 million tons of ice. NASA scientists involved in the new study say, that based on the data, the overall average ice coverage will remain stable for at least the next 50 years. They also add that whatever ice loss there has been has had little to do with any rise in sea levels, another major claim by the Alarmists.

The bottom line of the new NASA study is that it contradicts previous reports that there is an immediate crisis from man-made global warming or climate change. That the so-called ′science′ behind such alarmist reports is flawed. The Antarctic ice sheet is growing, not shrinking. While there may be some years when it does shrink, there is more than enough growth in other years to make up for the losses. Since that extra ice comes from snow, which comes from evaporated sea water, the impact of any loss of glacier ice is having no impact on sea levels. But will this study satisfy climate alarmists, like Barack Obama? Probably not! Obama, the Pope and others use the false notions as part of their political agenda. Just as climate scientists who create the hysteria do so for more grant money.