″Once more unto the breach, Dear Friends, once more, or close the wall up with our English dead!″ Here we go again. Tonight on CNBC we have the third 2016 Republican presidential debate. Chucky Todd (Correction: John Harwood) will moderate the affair being held in Denver (Correction: Boulder), Colorado. Things are heating up as Donald Trump and Ben Carson appear to be neck-and-neck in Iowa. One new poll, CBS-New York Times actually shows Carson leading Trump nationally. However, its well within the margins and the sampling is on the small side. An earlier poll from CBS-YouGov showed Trump building a huge lead over the other GOP candidates, breaking the 40% mark. So who will Chuck Todd target tonight? Will he go after Carson? Trump? Both? Will any of the others light a fire in their dwindling campaigns?

These are dark days for the so-called ′Establishment candidates′. Jeb Bush is struggling to keep his short list of wealthy donors to continue funding him. Marco Rubio is getting slammed by the Florida press for recent stories about how he is missing Senate votes because he hates the job. Carly Fiorina got a slight boost after the previous debates, but within a week, fell back into a rut. I guess she not only has an unelectable face, but doesn′t have much in the leg department, either.

Donald Trump was back in Iowa yesterday, ready to fight for the state. The Happy Warrior joked around with his huge audience about the four recent polls showing Carson leading him there. ″I hate being second″, he told them. Trump also joked around about how the professional political pundits are all saying he should give up Iowa and not bother campaigning there. Trump ordered his supporters to get off their duffs and get active. He said that if he loses the Iowa caucus, he′ll never speak to them again! Too funny!

Ben Carson has been under increased scrutiny as he ascends further into the polls. After surviving criticism from his comments about Islamic Sharia Law, armed Jews preventing the Holocaust and leaving sponges in patients heads, now Carson is talking about how he almost stabbed somebody with a knife as a teenager. I wonder if Chuck Todd will cross the line and raise questions tonight about Carson being a Seventh Day Adventist? Will Todd inquire if Carson was part of the same sect that David Koresh belonged to? Does Ben plan to turn the White House into an armed compound, selling weapons at gun shows? Will he use the Medicare law for target practice as he abolishes the entitlement program? Ready on the 7-yard line!

The good news is that thanks to Trump and Carson, tonight′s CNBC debate will only be 2 hours long. Bad enough its on a Wednesday! I′ll have to DVR ″Survivor: Cambodia″ and ″Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles″. And to top it off, I′ll miss tonight′s rerun of ″JAG″ on the Inspiration Network. Not to mention ″Gun Story″ and ″NRA All Access″ on the Outdoor Channel. Arrgh! Oh well, Monday and Tuesday evenings aren′t much better, either. So, I suppose if I′m going to get screwed by television viewing conflicts, tonight is better than most evenings. Why can′t they hold these debates on a Thursday? There is nothing good on Thursday, unless you count football. But, as I am from Detroit, NFL football is the last sport I′m interested in! Don′t get me started on the Lions…, Please don′t!