When is a ′trend line′ not a trend line? When it counters the Barack Obama administration. The same White House that claims the economy is doing well, despite millions of fewer workers employed since the beginning of 2009 and still having some 47 million people on food stamps, double the number since Bush′43, now argues with the FBI and their latest crime statistics. The Federal Bureau of Investigations released the cold, hard numbers, showing a significant rise in murders in major cities, blaming the ′Ferguson Effect′. Also, a huge rise in the number of attacks against police. The FBI is even warning that a group known as the National Liberation Militia is planning a nationwide wave of violence against police departments this coming Halloween weekend. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is trying to downplay the new numbers as Obama, himself, seems to be encouraging groups like Black Lives Matter in protesting against police.

FBI Director James Comey spoke before a meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Chicago yesterday on the subject of the increase in urban murders. Cities like Baltimore, Chicago and Washington DC have seen a spike in murders of about 50% in the past year. Comey is partly blaming the ′Ferguson Effect′ for the increase. He observes that in conversations with street cops, many are less likely to act, even get out of their patrol cars, as they often face a crowd of angry locals armed with cell phone cameras at murder scenes. Ever since the incident in Ferguson, Missouri last year, where early misinformation caused protests and even rioting over a justified police shooting, police are facing increasingly hostility. Over the weekend, this became very clear as Black Lives Matter held a demonstration in New York City, the same day as the funeral of a Black police officer was being buried after killed in the line of duty.

Ever since Ferguson, Barack Obama and his administration have been playing the race card, stirring up as much ill will as possible against police departments. The Obama White House has practically made it open season on police from their rhetoric. All of the 2016 Democrat candidates have succumbed to Black Lives Matter and their agenda, which Obama appears to support in total. The result is that the average street cop, the men and women who make up the ′Thin Blue Line′, protecting the people and our way of life, now fears for his or her life in the course of doing their jobs daily.

Not just with potential violence, but the street cops are also more afraid of being charged with criminal brutality charges if they so much as sneeze at a suspect. Crowds gather at crime scenes, recording video of police as they try to do their jobs. Who can blame cops for withdrawing quickly? For not doing the necessary work of interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence? We′ve all seen video of incidents where police are taunted and abused by local residents whom seem more angry at those who protect and serve them than at those who rob and murder them. In some communities, the entire attitude is completely backwards. Instead of wanting more police to make the streets safer, they want none at all around.

The Obama War on Police is just another facet of Obama′s ′transformation′ of America. An agenda to foster and nurture the most radical sentiments and to modify our behavior. Obama wants, as Michael Savage puts it, ′No Borders, No Language, No Culture′. Just as Savage′s new book, on sale today, ″Government Zero″, claims. Nothing would make Obama happier than lawlessness on the streets of America. Obama wants anarchy to reign, as he desires to destroy our culture, open our borders and twist the meaning of our vocabulary.

Reporters asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the remarks by FBI Director James Comey. The White House position is the same as that of Barack Obama. There is no evidence of the ′Ferguson Effect′. The murder rate has not significantly increased. There is no ′War on Police′. Tell that to the police officer photographed by the New York Post this weekend as a Black Lives Matter protester flipped him off during their anti-police demonstration. Held the very same day as a Hero in Blue was laid to rest after killed doing his duty. A Black policemen at that! Does his life matter any less because of his career choice? According to Black Lives Matter, it seems that it does. They apparently think that only the lives of Black criminals matter.

This is why we have to keep a sharp eye on Barack Obama. He may only have 16 months left to go and is technically a lame duck already. But Obama can still do great harm to America. You may think I′m crazy but the window for causing a national crisis, declaring an emergency and suspending the Constitution, and the elections, has not closed enough yet. I don′t really see Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell having the stomach to oppose Obama and his agenda of destruction. The Supreme Court isn′t doing us much good either and if Hillary Clinton should get elected, you can kiss it goodbye. Obama could still do that without her.

FBI Director James Comey seems to be the last honest man in Washington these days. He told us the truth about how the Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL, is firmly rooted here in the United States already. Now he acknowledges that the ′Ferguson Effect′ is having a negative impact on daily police work, resulting in an increase of homicides. The statistical truth is being opposed by Barack Obama and his White House administration. Just as they lie about the economy, climate change and the War on Terror, Team Obama is now lying crime in the nation′s streets. Obama has made it clear that he supports the anti-police sentiment he is helping to brew. And brew it has, causing the FBI to now warn of a possible threat this Halloween weekend against police departments by an anarchist group, the National Liberation Militia. Frankly, I do not agree that this group are anarchists, since true anarchists want no government. I bet a dollar that they are Communists, certainly Socialists. Their end game is tyranny! A larger, more authoritarian government.