Jeb Bush may be throwing in the towel soon. He certainly sounded like he was ready to quit the 2016 presidential campaign this weekend. While speaking at an event in South Carolina, Jeb Bush addressed the ″toxic″ nature of the campaign. He said, ″If this election is about how we′re going to fight to get nothing done, I don′t want any part of it.″ He added, ″I′ve got a lot of really cool things to do other than sit around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. That is a joke. Elect Trump if you want that.″ Does Jeb Bush have a legitimate argument about the tone of the campaign? Or does he have nobody to blame but himself for his failing campaign? The latest CBS/YouGov polls show Donald Trump still in the lead in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Bush places 5th or 6th in most races.

In Iowa, the new poll shows Trump and Ben Carson in a virtual tie. Trump has a substantial lead in New Hampshire and a huge lead in South Carolina, hitting 40%. Jeb Bush is pretty much in single digits everywhere. Even in Florida he is, at best, around 15-18%. Last week, the Jeb! 2016 campaign began cutting staff and salaries to save money. His short list of donors are closing their checkbooks. Today, Jeb is in Houston to pow-wow with his family. Is this a sign that he is ready to give up?

By a weird coincidence, last Thursday, while the Benghazi hearing was dragging well into the evening, TMC, the Turner Movie Channel, aired the 1976 political docu-drama, ″All The President′s Men″. The story of the Watergate break-in and how Washington Post reports Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein covered the dirty tricks played by Richard Nixon′s reelection campaign. The movie was co-hosted by TMC′s ′guest programmer′, actor Nathan Lane. Lane made a very interesting point. Most people recall the ′garage scene′ where ′Deep Throat′ tells Woodward to ″follow the money″. But Lane was also moved by another comment by Deep Throat. ″Forget the myths the media′s created about the White House. The truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand.″

How true! Not only back then, but still today! Barack Obama′s White House is not very bright at all. Benghazi, ISIS, the economy, etc, it all got out of hand. Another media myth is how Jeb Bush was supposed to be ′the smart one′. The Smart Bush. Nope, not at all, folks! Jeb′s campaign for president has been engineered backwards from the start. He focused on raising money, first, rather than building a message. When he finally got around to that, Jeb trotted out the same old, ′Compassionate Conservative′ line that might have played well back in 2000, but certainly not now.

The Jeb Bush campaign went nowhere fast. He didn′t even ′officially′ jump in the race until others, some of whom actually had a contemporary message, had launched their campaigns. Then came Donald Trump! Not only did he have a Populist-style message that works in this cycle, but he has plenty of cash. Jeb Bush now found himself being squeezed by all sides. Whatever advantage he thought he had was neutralized. On top of that, he was forced to run away from his family history. His campaign didn′t even include the word ″Bush″! Its not Trump′s fault that Jeb Bush sucks as 2016 candidate. Trump only made it more obvious.

So now Jeb Bush looks like the angry, bitter man. His rant in South Carolina is a slap in the face to the electorate. He does not think much of you or I. If we won′t play by his rules, then he′s going to take his football away and go home. Fine, do it! Do it now! Two Bush′s in the White House were enough. Probably two-too-many! You are no more entitled to be president, Jeb Bush, than Hillary Clinton is. You only have yourself to blame for your humiliation. Jeb might as well have said, ″F-U and elect Trump, see if I care″ to America. To which I say, ″F-U Jeb, go home to Florida and see if anyone cares.″