Sadness looms across the globe as one of the original characters of ″The Walking Dead″ may have been killed off in last night′s episode, ″Thank You″. Glenn Rhee, played by actor Steven Yeun, appears to have finally succumbed to the Zombie Apocaplyse. However, it should be noted, that in a statement read during the post-show-show, ″Talking Dead″ from executive producer Scott Gimple, assures fans that we will still see Glenn in the future. Some are saying that the last image of Glenn, trapped in a horde of Walkers, bloodied by zombies munching on somebody′s entrails, is actually Glenn underneath the body of Nicholas. But it is hard to believe that even the ever-resourceful Glenn can find a way out of this predicament.

No, no spoiler alert this time, folks! If you don′t know by now then you don′t care anyway. But millions of viewers do care. I care! Glenn was a fun character. A pizza delivery guy, a nerd, kind of shy and goofy. But he was an early favorite in the series. Who can forget when he drove around Atlanta in the Dodge Challenger, with its car alarm blasting away, drawing attention of the Walkers, enabling his comrades to escape. Then he hit the highway and rode like the wind, screaming joyfully all the way! He was also the first of Rick′s group to find love and wound up marrying Maggie. Who may now be pregnant! How sad that Glenn may not be around to see his child born.

Glenn was a very special member of ′The Group′. He strove to keep his humanity in tact. It is said that he never killed a human, but I′m not so sure about that one. Seems to me that in all of the battles The Group has had with ′The Governor′ or the ′Termites′, he must have shot somebody along the way. It is true that he had not turned sullen as Rick, Carol, Michonne and others have. You could always count on Glenn to be optimistic and give people the benefit of the doubt. He grew up quickly, from the awkward pizza guy to become a real leader within The Group. He wasn′t afraid to start a fight but was more inclined to stop others from fighting.

So what happened? As you may recall from the first two episodes of Season 6, The Group has been busy trying to save Alexandria from a massive herd of Walkers. When the town came under attack by the Wolves, a truck air horn sounded and drew half of the herd towards their sanctuary. Rick, Glenn and others improvised a response plan. Rick went to get an RV they had parked to support a crucial barrier and planned to use it to draw the herd away. He sent Glenn and the rest back to Alexandria, telling Glenn and Michonne to keep their team moving, as Rick feared that many would not last long in the open. Heath, one of the Alexandrians, heard this warning from Rick.

Sure enough, as they proceeded, some of the team started getting bitten by Walkers. One fellow was even shot by another teammate, Sturgis, who ran off and was killed later. Slowed down by wounded members, Glenn′s team made it to a small village a few miles from Alexandria. But there were already some Walkers in the village, including at least one Alexandrian whom got left behind by Nicholas on an earlier supply run. The team took shelter in a pet store and hatched a plan. Glenn and Nicholas would set fire to the feed store, hopefully distracting the second herd. Glenn radioed Rick to tell him what they were going to do. But Rick couldn′t respond as he was fighting off some Walkers, cutting his own left arm by accident as Walker blood splattered all over him. Is Rick doomed now? Will he have to amputate part of his arm to stay alive?

While Glenn and Nicholas make their way to the feed store, Michonne, Heath and the other team members discover Walkers in the back room of the pet shop. The noise of killing them causes other Walkers outside to gather. Then the second herd arrives! They have no choice but to escape now or be trapped. They run but the wounded team members fall, one by one. Only Michonne, Heath and some other guy make it out. Meanwhile, Glenn and Nicholas discover that the feed store was already burnt down. They try to find another building to torch, but they get cornered by Walkers. Trapped in an alley filled with over 140 Walkers, they fight it out. Both hop on top of a trash bin but they are surrounded.

Nicholas looses it. He starts to go blank as all hope dwindles. Glenn tries to snap him out of it, telling Nicholas that hes not the same person he used to be. Meaning that he′s no longer a wimpy, sniffling coward! But Nicholas has checked out mentally and uses his last bullet to blow his brains out. He falls, taking Glenn with him into the horde of Walkers. Glenn is on the ground, underneath Nicholas. The last image is of Glenn′s bloody face in agony as Walkers feats on someone′s entrails.

Rick is in trouble, too! He reaches the RV and drives it to await the second herd. Rick calls for Glenn on the radio, but there is no answer. Rick does contact Daryl, who broke ranks, leaving Abraham and Sasha to lead the main herd the rest of the way from Alexandria. Rick gives a short speech about how they are doing this for the good of all. The speech causes Daryl to rethink his decision to go to Alexandria after hearing gunshots and he turns around, racing back. Rick is about to talk some more but is interrupted when the last of the Wolves show up after they were run out of Alexandria. Rick manages to kill them all, but now the RV won′t start and the Walkers are showing up. Daryl keeps calling Rick on the radio, but there is no answer. At about the same time, Michonne and her party arrive back at Alexandria and see that the place is a bloody mess.

Wow! Lots of action and high drama, folks! Season 6 has so far been a very tense one. If you thought that The Walking Dead was going to settle down for some peace and quiet now that The Group is safe in Alexandria, think again. Between Walkers and the Wolves, half the town is dead. Adding to the carnage is Glenn Rhea, one of the heroes from the first season. The much loved character by fans of the series may have bought the farm last night. If fans are upset now, they may stay that way for a few weeks. Next weeks episode appears to be a stand-alone story about Morgan, prior to his rejoining Rick at Alexandria. So it might be two or three episodes before we truly know what happened to Glenn, Rick and the rest.