For some 11 hours, Hillary Clinton testified to the House Select Committee probing the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack in Libya. The spectacle was dull much of the time, particularly whenever it was the turn of the Democrats to question her. They rarely did, instead using their time to attack Republicans. The GOP members did quiz Hillary Clinton, but she either outright lied to the Benghazi Committee, or pretended to have forgotten or claim she wasn′t aware or informed on key matters. Republicans scored a few hits, however, but these are largely being ignored by the Liberal Media and pundits. So what new facts did we learn yesterday?

Now that emails are available which were not for the previous 7 investigations, including the ARB, we now see just how derelict Hillary Clinton was in her duty as Secretary of State. Over 600 emails were sent by Ambassador Christopher Stevens and members of his staff pleading for more security in the months leading up to the terrorist attack. We also learned that Hillary knew that it actually was a terrorist attack, not some spontaneous protest about some dumb You-Tube video. Within two hours of the attack in Benghazi, Hillary emailed her daughter Chelsea and told her that it was an attack by some Al Qaeda group. We also learned that Hillary contacted the Muslim Brotherhood Prime Minister of Egypt and told him it was a terrorist attack and not related to the video.

Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who was killed in Benghazi, sat there in the hearing chamber and her Hillary lie. Hillary had lied to her back on September 14, 2012, when the bodies of those killed in Benghazi arrived at Andrews Joint Service Airbase. Hillary spoke before the assembled crowd, and along with Barack Obama, lied to all about the attack being related to the video. Hillary even personally spoke with the victims families and repeated the video lie. That weekend, Obama′s ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, appeared on all of the major Sunday morning TV talk shows and repeated the lie about the video. So its okay for Obama and Hillary to lie to the American people, even to the mothers and fathers of the dead heroes. Okay if it helps Obama get reelected.

During yesterday′s hearing, we also learned more details about Sidney Blumenthal′s role in Libya and with Hillary Clinton. How he had no trouble staying in touch with Hillary while Ambassador Stevens could not. Of the 500-some emails which Hillary either sent or received, more than 150 were from Blumenthal. Make no mistake, if Hillary gets elected, Sidney will serve in her administration. His ′business′ activities are highly dubious and I suspect will be the focus of more investigations.

There are still many unanswered questions. Hillary was questioned, for example, about why a State Department employee met with two known terrorists just two days before the Benghazi attack? Hillary claimed she didn′t know why. She was also questioned about weaponry in Libya being sold and shipped abroad. Hillary had no clue. She even claimed that she wasn′t aware that Stevens, allegedly a close friend of hers, was threatening to quit unless more security was provided. Too bad he did not have her private email address, or even know her home address, like Sidney Blumenthal does. Maybe Christopher Stevens might be alive today had he known how to directly contact his ′good friend′, Hillary Clinton?

Yes, the 11 hours of hearings were tedious to watch. Few people probably watched it all or even care about what was said. Hillary Clinton has less to worry about the Benghazi Committee than from the FBI. I′m sure that some, or all, of the 25 FBI agents watched and recorded the testimony Hillary Clinton gave. Lying and or misleading Congress are felony offenses. Add those to the 4 or 5 other criminal offenses the FBI are probing Hillary on. The spectacle is over and we can all go back to beer and pretzels now.