A new poll out of Massachusetts by the Emerson College Polling Society shows Donald J. Trump leading the 2016 GOP presidential field of candidates. Trump scores a whopping 48%, 34-points above second place candidate Dr. Ben Carson. For some 101 days now, Donald Trump has led the Republican primary campaign race for the White House. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush continues to sink in the polls despite a massive spending spree of TV ads in New Hampshire and other venues. In Nevada yesterday, when asked a softball question about who his favorite Marvel superhero is, Jeb couldn′t name one. Instead, he mentioned Batman, of DC Comics, and also said that he is looking forward to the new Supergirl TV series. Jeb thinks thinks that Supergirl is ″pretty hot″! Well, at least we now know that Jeb Bush has a pulse!

While watching ′Morning Schmoe′ today, during the first half hour, the news ′crawl′ mentioned how Trump was leading in a national poll with 42% according to ABC. However, the item was dropped from the ′crawl′ and replaced with the Massachusetts poll numbers. I poked around on Google News, as well as a few other sites such as Drudge Report, but found nothing. At the ABC News website, the only Trump-poll story is how one new poll shows Ben Carson with a slight lead over Trump in Iowa. However, most polls, and the Real Clear Politics average, show Trump leading there.

The third 2016 GOP presidential debate is just days away. CNBC has been forced by Trump and Carson to make some changes. The debate will be just 2 hours long, not 3, and will allow for both opening and closing remarks. The four bottom-ranked candidates, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum will participate in the ′kiddie-debate′ before the main, prime-time event. Jim Gilmore is shut out once again due to his lifeless campaign. So, we′ll have another 10-person free-for-all to watch.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson had threatened to boycott the CNBC debate after they announced it would run for 3 hours. CNN extended their debate from 2 to 3 hours, primarily for financial reasons. Commercial time for the first two hours had been sold long before at a cost of just $4,000 per 15-second ad spot. During the additional 3rd hour, CNN sold commercial time for some $250,000 per spot. Nobody had expected the huge ratings boost, which began with the first GOP debate on the Fox News Channel. Instead of the usual 5-6 million viewers, well over 20 million had tuned in. CNN also scored a huge audience and CNBC was looking to do likewise.

With the first actual caucus and primary elections less than 90 days away, the presidential race is heating up. About a half dozen GOP candidates are either running out of money or are spending more than they are raising. Even Jeb Bush, despite all of his fund raising, may be having some cash issues soon unless he can demonstrate that he is competitive. Jeb′s ′burn-rate′ is very high and the new wave of TV ad purchases took a big bite from his pile of dough. According to the FEC, Ben Carson led the GOP field in fund raising during the 3rd Quarter of 2015 with some $20 Million. Carson also has a lean-mean budget, with a low burn rate. Even Donald Trump did okay, receiving nearly $4 million unsolicited! About three-quarters of the cash donations to Trump were from individuals, about 74,000, giving him $50 or less, each. Trump′s money is more than what the whole bottom tier of opponents received.

So have you come to grip yet with the reality that Donald Trump could very well be the 2016 Republican presidential nominee? Or that Trump may wind up being our next president? The road to the White House is wide open and so far Trump is well out in front of the rest of the GOP herd. The mystery man here is Jeb Bush. He may have the cash to stay in the race but for long? I am amused that Jeb couldn′t name one Marvel superhero. This might be as bad as his daddy not knowing about bar scanners and self-check-outs at the grocery store. Not knowing the price of milk is one thing, but not a single Marvel superhero? Jeb Bush seems enambered with Supergirl, though? I have to wonder if in his childhood he mostly read ″Little Lulu″ comic books? Maybe ″Richie Rich″ or ″Archie″? Next thing you know, Jeb will don a helmet and go for a tank ride to prove he′s a man! Ugh!