Since last week′s first Democrat debate on CNN, the number of rumors about Vice President Joe Biden have been escalating. At first, the consensus was that Hillary Clinton had a sufficiently strong performance to cinch the DNC nomination. But in the past 72 hours, the trend of rumors now points to Joe Biden jumping into the 2016 race for the White House. Meanwhile, another candidate, Jim Webb, is now making noises about running as an independent. Webb complained bitterly about how he was treated during the debate, accusing CNN and the DNC of rigging the whole game. Over on the GOP side of the campaign table, Donald Trump and Ben Carson still lead the pack. Trump is locking again with Jeb Bush over whether George W. Bush kept the country safe during his term in office. There are also signs that Marco Rubio is targeting Jeb to knock him out of the race. New polls show Rubio firmly passing Bush now. How will this all shake out?

The latest Joe Biden rumor is that a big announcement is forthcoming. Perhaps within the next 2-5 days. Biden will have to decide soon, as many filing deadlines are approaching. If he′s going to go for it, he has to get on the ballots first. Some speculate that Biden will announce as early as Thursday, the very day Hillary Clinton appears before the House Select Committee investigating the Benghazi terrorist attack. The tactic may be one to distract the news media and shift attention to Biden as some new emails about Ambassador Christopher Stevens requesting additional security in Libya. Stevens claims in the emails that the situation in Tripoli and Benghazi demand more security, months before he and three other Americans were murdered on September 11, 2012. The requests were all rejected, apparently by Deputy Secretary of State, Patrick Kennedy. But was Kennedy the one who made the decision? Or did he consult with Hillary Clinton before replying to Ambassador Stevens? Others rumors point to Joe Biden waiting until next Monday to announce his decision to run for president. In this way, he′ll allow Hillary to be grilled by Congress and later by the Media over the weekend, having a full day′s worth of ′news cycle′ to himself.

As for Jim Webb, he stood out during the Democrat debate as the lone voice of reason. He clearly does not belong to the same political party as Clinton, Sanders and the rest do. If Webb had run as a Republican, he might be in third place, maybe even second. He would at least get some better ′face-time′ on TV. I doubt if he would make much of a difference in a general election if he ran as an independent. Webb could play the role of spoiler, especially in a state like Florida, North Carolina or Virginia, and cost Hillary some important electoral votes. Much as Ralph Nader did in 2000 to Al Gore in Florida.

Over at the GOP field, the battle between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush is running hot, again. Buzzfeed happened to find a copy of a book Trump wrote, ″The America We Deserve″, and was published in January of 2000. Trump stated, ″I really am convinced we′re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the [1993] bombing of the [World] Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers.″ He even mentioned Osama bin Laden by name and described how we′d send jets to bomb bin Laden in Afghanistan. All this some 19 months, or more (if you consider he wrote the passage earlier) before the September 11 attacks in 2001.

During the last GOP debate on CNN, Jeb Bush stated that his brother, George W, kept the nation safe and free from attack. Trump countered, reminding everyone that the 9/11 attacks took place during GWB′s term. Jeb obviously misspoke, as he should have said ″safe after the 9/11 attacks″. But, instead, Jeb Bush doubled down like a dummy and took the bait. You can′t blame Jeb for wanting to defend his brother, but the problem is that, technically, Jeb is wrong. Worse yet, Jeb himself opened the door back when he made his statement about how he might have done things differently concerning Iraq. The polls are all showing Jeb losing ground. Even Marco Rubio is gaining ground in comparison and seems to be taking advantage of the situation. If any of the ′conventional-Establishment candidates are going to upstage Trump and Carson, they have to whittle their own sub-field down so supporters can coalesce around one, strong candidate.

So will Joe Biden finally make up his mind in the next 5 days as to whether or not he will run for president? Biden has to do something soon, or he′ll begin missing filing deadlines in some early primary and caucus states. His chances of winning the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination are pretty poor, unless, of course, Hillary Clinton gets torpedoed by the Benghazi hearings, or charged with a crime by the FBI over her handling of classified material. If either one of those occur, especially if the FBI acts, then Hillary′s campaign will come to a screeching halt. Meanwhile, over at the GOP, you have to wonder if a Jeb Bush ′death watch′ should be started? Sorry folks, but Jeb just is not cutting it! I don′t care how money he has, he cannot buy the nomination. Besides, Trump has way more cash than Jeb, if he needs it spend it. Say what you want, but Trump is like a bulldog on Jeb Bush. Trump has Jeb′s by the throat and ain′t letting go!